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Get six of our most popular tiny house plans (PDF Download) for about the price of four. The tiny house plans included in the 6-pack are:



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  1. Has anyone tried to design a home using the slide-out options many travel trailers provide? I love the concept and space provided by the slide-out. I’m sure the weight of wood sides would be less practical than metal over the slide-out hardware but one can get such a relief in the sense of ‘extra space’ with the slide-out open.

    Another concept I recently thought about is using the fender guards/rails like an extension area for a partially recessed room. Perhaps build special shelving or part of bunk out over this ‘fender’ area to take advantage of the full allowable width of trailer that have small frames or bars inside the wheel well area.

    • Yes, I have considered the idea of expanding sides.

      One of the limitations of tiny houses in my opinion is tying them to trailers and following conventional construction rules to build them. Another way to look at it is build the house, and they put it on a trailer to move it; that’s the way mobile homes are moved.

      I’m more interested in curvilinear space using say, 1/4″ plywood for the walls and stressing them across precision cut plywood supports.

      Google “open source housing” for some ideas about that.

  2. Where can I find plans for a tiny bathroom? Hopefully with a flushing toilet. I have a 12′ x 12′ shed in my backyard I’d like to convert to a tiny home and rent the “big” house.

    • Why do u want a flushing toilet? Use an electric or propane toilet from incinolet.com‎

      Incinolet uses electric heat to reduce human waste to a clean, non-polluting ash. It uses no water and drains nothing out.

      • It is in my backyard and would be cheaper to pipe into the existing sewer line. Other options are quite expensive.
        Anyway, I still need to find some plans for a tiny loo, perhaps wetbath, to begin the conversion.

        • Here is what we do.. We have weekly garbage pick-up. We go #2 in a large plastic trash bag and when we fill it up.. We simply just tie a knot in the top and throw it out to the curb inside of the receptacle. Garbage pick-up takes it away to the dump. Maybe, its not sanitary, but seriously what dump is sanitary. Its a whole lot more enviro friendly than the chemicals and pollutants that business throw away

  3. I keep thinking it would be nice if someone could design one of the homes on wheels to park/attach next to an add on section. So a couple could take their home on the road, but when they park on their own property they have a little larger living space. A best of both worlds solution.

    • I’ve got a 4+7yo and plan on building two Tiny Homes connected by a covered breezeway / deck / outside living space. Have both designed to be completely finished but leave one as kitchen, kids living space and other as my living space.
      Long term teach kids contentment with minimalist living and when they are ready to leave home they can each tow there house away….

    • You can have the best of both worlds with one of these. They come completely folded up and ready to tow. They can be permanent or moved as you wish. No, they do NOT look like travel trailers. These are actually small homes. I’ve only looked at the larger ones but they blew me away. They fold up to about 15 feet long and 8 feet wide and can be towed. Then they unfold to a fully equipped home. Bathroom and kitchen already included. If used only in summer you can fold it back up and store it. They also have videos of them on You Tube.

  4. what about finding places to put your tiny home? How do you go about that? Is there a network of people who have leasable land?

  5. Me gusta mucho sus casas pero las que yo voy a hacer van a ser muchísimo mejores.
    Y además voy a hacerme rica con mis casitas. Pero como ahora no puedo quisiera que me hagan una en mi jardín ,algo sencillo 3 metros por 2 metros , sin que mis padres se enteren de la construcción .
    gracias, Fifï .

    PS: Probablemente no entendieron nada pues esta escrito en español….

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