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Another tiny house you can buy today is the weeHouse by Alchemy Architects, in St. Paul, Minnesota. These are prefab modules that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The one pitcured here costs about $100,000 delivered and is a little less than 350 square feet. Lot development costs would be additional and vary depending on your property and requirements.

As you begin to tour the weeHouse website you’ll notice they offer a lot of different options, but the modern box design is the only choice. I personally think it would be interesting for Alchemy Architects to explore a more traditional, although equally simple, design. For example adding a simple pitched roof would probably result in a very cute building and open their homes up to more buyers. I can see how a pitched roof would reduce the number of ways modules could be combined and increase cost to ship and build, but there’s something about a pitched roof that says home.

Financing is also possible through lenders that understand the factory built prefab market. See the weeHouse website for more information. Photo credit Alchemy Architects.


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    I have a very large corner bath – 1500 x 1500 and I have looked everywhere for a bath panel to fit it with no luck (everything I’ve found is too tall). SO – I am looking for genius ideas of how I can fill/cover the space that the bath panel has left!

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    ok I realize this is real late but in my defense, I just saw the blog. I am doing my guest bath in stucco, the same mixture as you would use outdoors. This is a wonderful finish and since it is applied, it can be any size you would like. Have fun with your remodeling

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