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Cob Cottage, made from Natural Building Materials

Designing and building cob homes can cost very little in materials and the finished product often has the feel of a hand-sculpted clay pot. As you can see the finished product is unlike anything modern building materials gives you. A cob home literally can come from the earth around you. […] Read more

Ecocapsule is Now Taking Orders for First 50 Off-Grid Tiny Homes

This sleek modern tiny living space is the Ecocapsule. It’s designed to be an independent housing unit, engineered from scratch to be as self-sufficient and practical as possible. It generates all the power it needs from a 600 Watt solar array and a low-noise wind turbine. The egg-like shape helps reduce heat loss and every exterior […] Read more

Sale Has Ended – 31 Tiny House Living Plans and Guides

Last year a group of us got together, with the organizational help of our friend Karol at, and offered a bundle of our plans and guides for a one-time low price. Last year’s deal was a great deal and over 1,000 people thought so too. This year a different group of us is doing something similar. It’s a different […] Read more

Off-Grid Cabin by Father-Son Team

Bill Yudchitz, and his son, Daniel – both professional architects – designed and build this tiny off-grid cabin on 2.78 acres overlooking Chequamegon Bay on Lake Superior. It’s called Nest, a low-cost 325-square-foot green retreat that uses sustainable technology such as solar lanterns and rainwater collection that feeds a sand-filtered […] Read more

Design/Build/Downsize – Virtual Tiny House Workshop!

Not everyone can make it to an in-person tiny house workshop – but workshops are one of the best ways to learn. Mariah Pastell (tiny house and vintage camper expert and blogger from and Dan Louche (author of The Tiny House Design and Construction Guide, are launching a virtual tiny house workshop called Design/Build/Downsize. […] Read more