Westport Tiny House on Wheels

Pictured here are some photo realistic renderings of the Westport – formerly known as the Coast Cottage. It’s a 28-foot tiny house design that features two rooms separated by a bathroom & kitchen. Above the kitchen & bath is a sleeping loft. Off the back room is a french door. In these illustrations I show that back room used as a dining room but you can configure this house to meet your needs. See all my tiny house on wheels plans now.





Monarch Tiny Homes

This is a quick guest post from Monarch Tiny Homes.

Monarch Tiny Homes is one of many companies to pop up onto the tiny house scene. However, our home at $47,000 with SIPs is something unique. And possibly the most exciting part of the home is our lifetime siding called UltraShield. It is made from reclaimed wood fibers and recycled plastic bottles. This capped composite waterproof technology gives complete protection from scratches, stains, and fading. Unlike traditional wood siding that needs staining every five years, UltraShield requires zero maintenance.

To learn more visit the Monarch Tiny Homes website and follow Monarch Tiny Homes on Facebook.

Monarch Tiny Homes - Entry

Monarch Tiny Homes - Ocean VIew Monarch Tiny Homes - Interior View Monarch Tiny Homes - Siding Detail Monarch Tiny Homes - Loft

Monarch Tiny Homes Video Tour from Monarch Tiny Homes on Vimeo.

The Cheryl Cabin by Pin-up Houses

The following is a guest post by Joshua Woodsman from Pin-up houses.

Every single man have a dream to build a cabin. Cabin according to your wishes and ideas. Place where you can escape from everyday stress and worries. Cabin homes are typically small homes, designed with simplicity.  Often used as vacation homes for families or just for a couple. These compact small homes offer a warm ambiance, creating an intimacy that can be lacking in larger, more formal homes. Small cabins are ideal for those who looking to build a smart, flexible, cost-efficient, and energy-saving home. Small homes are more affordable and easier to build, heat, cool, clean, and maintain.

The most important step in building a house is easy-to-follow plans. Pin-up houses offer these very plans. Here we have the Cheryl Cabin. It can be used as a holiday home, a guesthouse, or simply a place to escape in your garden. The plans clearly describe the entire process in detail. Anyone can build this cabin.

The porch offers a dry comfortable place to enjoy your coffee or read your favorite book, alone… or to celebrate with friends. As founder and architect of Pin-up Houses, Joshua Woodsman’s focus is to provide stylish yet functional designs that stand apart from the rest. Down to every last detail. At the back of the cabin we find the perfect covering for storing wood.

Inside we find a smart multifunctional interior. The multifunctional furniture can be placed almost anywhere, and with pegs even on the wall. Designed box-stools also provide storage space, saving a lot of room. They even double as kitchen shelves and counter space! When the temperature falls, the wood stove can be lit creating a warm and  cozy atmosphere.

After a long evening, these versatile box-stools can even join together to form one snug bed.

Sweet dreams!