Studiomama’s Beach Chalet


beach chalet - kitchen

This small beach cabin is 388 square feet – not tiny but includes two bedrooms, a bathroom, and kitchen. A simple door shingled in cedar as the rest of the exterior blends into the front facade.

On the ocean side a large window opens the home to the sea and a deck. Inside the tall ceilings and softwood clad walls open and lighten the space. A loft overlooks the main living space and kitchen while a bedroom and bath are tucked below. Also notice the large wide window on the front lighting the loft – there must be one heck of a header in the wall framing above that wide window.

This is a very nice example of how what might have just been a simple box can be transformed into a spacious city loft-like apartment. The home was designed by Studiomama.

beach chalet - studiomama

beach chalet - exterior beach chalet - bunks beach chalet - micro sink beach chalet - loft beach chalet - view

2 Comments Studiomama’s Beach Chalet

  1. Bryan Booth

    Very nice. Actually not as much header is required over those windows as you might think. The majority of the weight of the roof system is supported by the other two exterior walls.


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