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Tiny House Floor Plans

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Inside you’ll find over 200 interior designs for tiny houses – 230 to be exact. Each chapter focuses on one size footprint to show what can be done inside each size space – 14 in all: (8×12, 8×16, 8×20, 8×24, 8×28, 8×32, 12×12, 12×12 + Loft, 12×16, 12×16 + Loft, 12×20, 12×20 + Loft, 12×24, 12×24 + Loft).

The book has about 300 pages, measures 6×9, and is mostly illustrations with a short introduction. A detailed legend shows you how to read the floor plans making the drawings easy to decipher.

If you’re considering simplifying your life, extreme downsizing, arranging your tiny apartment more efficiently, building a cabin or inlaw unit, and/or building your own mortgage-free tiny home, this book can help give you a head start on making your goals a reality.

Below is a video walk-through of the book. At the bottom is a small sample from the book.

67 Comments Floor Plans Book

      1. Angela Stepp-McFadyen

        I’m getting more and more interested in these cozy homes, But keeping in mind to small, what plan has the most square feet, and a bathtub. I’m trying to think ahead that I won’t cabin fever, and I have three granddaughter’s. I have physical limitations, and money limitations :(

  1. Claire Ma

    Can you mail the book to China? How many house plans(not floor plans) does the book have? Thanks.

  2. Kenise

    OMG ! This is just what I’ve been looking for, thank you. Claire I think in the intro it say there are 230 examples

    1. Lantz Newberry

      Something built on a trailer doesn’t necessarily by law follow the IBC. However that doesn’t mean you can’t build it to those specs. That’s one big advantage to these houses on wheels. They can be built so much better then most mobile homes.

  3. Norma

    Do any of these come in any print or disc format? I’m on dial up and 99% of the time pdf’s are very hard to get to download.

  4. Laverne Booth

    Micheal, is this you from the Nelson area? If so, congratulations on your book! I am building a small 12X12 with loft tiny home at Robert’s in Crawford Bay. I am looking at a pentagon cabin (I like the cantelevered sides) which I saw in Tiny Houses by Lloyd Kahn. I am scouring the internet for plans for this- have you seen anything that might be useful??? Thanks.

          1. ginmar

            There’s a program called Calibre, which will change formats from PDF to MOBI or EPUB, which should be readable on Kindle. However, when I changed one of the smaller freebie books into both MOBI and EPUB, none of the Box Bungalow drawings came through. Not one. Not one photo, either.

            I think with PDFs on Kindle you have to pay a certain fee per page, but that I’m not sure.

            1. ginmar

              I’ve narrowed it down; there’s just a big black spot where the drawings of the box bungalows are, immediately below the picture of Jay Shafer and you.

  5. Amanda Rankin

    I’ve just discovered tiny houses and I am fascinated! Does anyone have a book that shows the cupboards, and ideas of what to put into one of these tiny houses? I see plenty of floor plans, but I would like to get a better concept of how to build in the cupboard and how to configure the kitchen, etc….

    Any ideas?


    1. LouAnn Gurske

      Check out pintrist and search tiny house blogs, subscribe to the Tiny House Magazine ($2.99 per month)and you will see some good examples of cabinets and kitchens.

  6. Bruce

    Spent the evening reviewing the book plans. The most notable benefit for me is to understand the need to prioritize. What is most important? what is nice but could be left out? What is unnecessary?

    A question: every plan, and in fact, every tiny house I’ve seen, has the entry door swing in, eating up valuable floor space. Yet, tiny houses are related to RVs and they always have the entry door swing out. Other than wanting to make tiny houses more like “real” houses, why not swing the door out?

    Another question: has anyone written about using holding tanks for gray and black water? I do not want a compost toilet or incinerating toilet. I wonder how planning/health departments might use their heavy hand if the house is directly connected to a sewer pipe (which they must approve). It isn’t practical to move the house to regularly empty a holding tank. As I ramble, is my problem evident? Any thoughts?

    1. Michael Janzen

      Good question about the door swing. I see no reason why a tiny house’s door couldn’t swing out – but it would be a bit less house-like (less ‘normal’). Although I can totally see french doors on a tiny house swinging out and it seeming perfectly normal and more useful for opening the house up.

      I’ll look for more info on the RV holding tanks. I’ve seen it out there on RV sites but never written about it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Aldene

      From what I understand, doors on traditional houses swing in so that the hinges are on the inside and not vulnerable to tampering and unwanted entry.

      1. Bruce

        True about the hinges because otherwise a thief could just pop the pins and pull the door out. However, there are house door hinges designed to swing out and conceal the pin in the door frame. And of course, RVs have dealt with this issue for decades. A tiny house door wouldn’t have to have the typical ugly metal RV door setup. I can see a standard house door going in a tiny house with these hinges. And what is nice about the door swinging out is that any moisture on the door doesn’t fall on the floor of the house. That doesn’t matter much in a 2000 sq. ft. house but when every inch counts who needs a mess?
        And Michael, mine is a more general question…if you don’t want a compost toilet or incinerator (who wants those stupid insertable bags?), it seems a standard house toilet is the only option. But how would that work long term using a holding tank? Shades of Eddie in “Christmas Vacation”? Connecting directly to a septic/sewer line may imply permanent housing and thus open us up to that heavy governmental hand of regulations. I can’t come up with an answer, although I think if someone had an incinerator that could handle volume generated by a flush toilet, it would solve the problem. Anyone have an idea???

      2. RALPH

        The Main reason for doors that swing in is so Police and Fire Fighters can access houses easier. Its part of the building code in residential housing.



  8. Clark

    There are two composting toilets (heads) being use in boats. They are “Airhead and Natures head.” We’ve been using the Airhead for 8 years on our boat. We’re very happy with it. It would work perfectly for a small home. They are a little spendy. I know a few folks that have built their own. It’s doable.

  9. kristina

    I need a tub. I also need it to be on a trailer what is the max on a trailer can you do to get the most amount of space that?

    1. Mike D

      I can get an 8′ x 32′ trailer designed for Tiny Houses. They are about $6,000.00 dollars.
      I also can build a shell with a space big enough for a tub. You will need a big truck to move it though. I am currently working on an 8′ x 16′ with a 4′ deck on the rear. Has two sleeping lofts.

  10. Mark Handy

    Hi Michael, i noticed that someone wantedto purchase your book and that they were located in Australia. I would be willing to convert your plans over to metric if we could come to some arrangement in regards to me doing this. Let me know. Regards Mark.

    Ps: i will be making one these tiny houses soon for my parents.i love the whole idea of tiny houses.

      1. Lee Fox

        Hi Michael, I just purchased the ebook before reading that you will soon have a metric version available. Since I live in Australia I’d prefer the metric one. Can I wait to receive that version please? I’m happy to pay the full price if necessary.

        1. Michael Janzen

          I wasn’t planning on making a metric version – someone else had offered to help with that. I’d be happy to refund any money if it is not what you wanted.

          1. Lee Fox

            Apologies for misreading the post. No need to refund. I’ve downloaded the pdf and I’m happy with it. Many thanks.

  11. BobD


    The book is great. Lots of great ideas. Can you tell me if you are going to make the files you created for the book available for sale to download. What program did you use to create the floor plans.

    Thank you for all the time you’ve put into this.

    Bob DeMint

  12. Mark Handy

    Hi Michael, i haven’t purchased your book yet but i was just wondering if any of your tiny house plans have been designed to fit on a trailer?? Ie can they be towed? If so does your book cover the actual trailer design and specificactions, and manufacture of the trailer? Is there a way i can get in contact with you away from this forum to discuss me converting the plans to metric?

    I look forward to getting your book soon.


  13. edward van natta

    I am looking for details about your products on ! Floor plan ?
    hope hear from you soon !

    1. Michael Janzen

      I’ve not specified cost because it would range widely depending on how you chose to finish your house. I’ve seen folks build tiny houses for as little as $5,000 and as high as $50,000. The most common cost seems to be around $20,000.

  14. dawn

    i love the small house movement, i too would like to see more plans and photos to match on what it looks like to build………storage, cabnets………if your going to write another book……. make them bigger for us who need glasses…….i dont care for pocket books!

  15. Cathy

    WONDERFUL book! Now if only there was a section telling me while to choose, LOL! One day I like THIS one best, next day I like THAT one best. Would it be too unreasonable to have ALL the FPs I really love? (Most of them!) Thanks for writing this book:)

  16. Elizabeth

    I am trying to get not just the plans but all the blueprints and everything else I need to build one of these houses but it is not showing where to get them or a price!!

  17. Angela Stepp-McFadyen

    I would love to buy the book now, but financially not able. But (and excuse me for giving a lot of personal information). I currently live and take care of my disabled father, and I am in the midst of trying to get my own disability, which I’m told is another year to year & half out, because of the back log. But I want to and trying to plan for my future. I live in Forsyth County NC, plan on still living here. I have never bought a house. I’m interested in what do I do, how do I go about it, etc…..

  18. Marsha Johnson

    I want to purchase your e-book “Tiny House Floor Plans” by M. Janzen but your site only has PayPal and I need to use MasterCard. Can you help?

  19. mick

    Purchased your book some time ago. Have a small lot, no min. sq ft required, want to build tiny house on foundation. Similar to pg 256, 12×24, but with French door entrance in middle room, opening to larger porch. I live in coastal Florida. Need to find FL LIC Bldg Contractor. Any referrals or suggestions appreciated.

  20. Johnc806

    Your goal is to breed all the different dragons available to you and enter combat against other player’s dragons. cgadeedcgddd

  21. Brittney

    Hi, I’ve recently discovered tiny homes, and I was wondering if someone could recommend what size would be best for me to grow into. I’m looking for something that is small enough for one person but would be large enough to one day accommodate a small family (three people). Thanks for the help.

  22. Ed Wetzel

    I am so intrigued by these plans, only question is how would I assemble the home?Materials?how many extra people will i need to hire?

  23. Burgundy

    Iwant to purchase a tiny home already to move in. I have tried to contact a number of homes for sale on tiny home listing no one will contact me. I am ready to retire and I have the land. 303-619-5142. Would like something able to =delivered to Virginia

  24. Mike D

    Ed Wetzel – You assemble these the same way you would build a regular small house. 2×4’s and lots of elbow grease. If you can work with wood you can build one, if not find a friend or a local contractor that can build one for you.

    Burgundy – Depending on your budget, you can buy new from several builders. The cost will range from 24k to over 50k. This variable is based on finishes, type of toilet and type of heating equipment.

  25. MaryBeth

    As I look your plans I wonder if using a 28 foot “pup” semi-tractor trailer can be used as the starting point? Older models can be had for very little money compared to building up from a trailer. Any ideas on this?

  26. Greg Bodoh

    Are any of your plans suitable to be mounted onto a flatbed trailer. Trailer demensions are 8 x 14. Payload is 1700lbs.


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