Casulo – Bedroom In-A-Box

This furniture concept packs a room full of furniture in one small box. It’s intended to provide the mobility the increasingly difficult job market seems to be requiring more every day. Unfortunately you can’t buy it; it’s just a concept. But luckily for us do-it-yourselfers simply looking for inspiring new ways of thinking small, it’s free to watch the video. Nick, thanks for passing this link onto me! Video credit to Casulo.



  1. D

    Kind of like watching a clown car at the zoo!

  2. L

    I like the idea, but the furniture looks very uncomfortable.

  3. P

    I’ve designed a set of knock down, multi-use furniture that is awesome for small spaces. Low profile, organic, and makes use of the floor like the Japanese and Native Americans. Check it out.

  4. Very cool stuff Patrick. Thanks for the link!

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