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E.D.G.E Prefabricated Retreat or Residence

31 1894

EDGE exterior 2

This small house was designed and built by Bill Yudchitz and Revelations Architects/Builders Corp. It measures just 320 square feet (not including the two small lofts).

It features a few notable systems like a butterfly roof that supplies two rainwater collection tanks built into the design as well as and geothermal heating and cooling.

On the inside you’ll see one main room in the middle flanked on one side by a kitchen and a bath on the other. Then up some ships ladders on each side you’ll find two small open sleeping lofts. In the main room is a set of tables & benches that be arranged into a variety of configurations like dining table and a bed.

Outside you’ll see large sliding doors that cover the exterior windows – locking it up securely when the owners are away.

Photos by Dan Hoffman. To see more visit Revelations Architects/Builders Corp.

EDGE interior EDGE kitchen EDGE exterior EDGE table bed EDGE floor plan


  1. Is there a way to get a copy of the design schematics? This is one of the best “Tiny Houses” I’ve seen so far. Most seem to have a retail price tag of $25-30k, so U’m also interested to see the final price tag (design costs aside).

  2. Is it possible to purchase blueprints for this design, and what is the cost to build ? This is amazing.

  3. Love the functions of that table! Do you have to special order that? Love the house too! It’s open and airy, yet has everything you need!

  4. Love it , would like to know the cost and more pictures of this house , the bathroom . And more of your designs .

  5. The building costs should be discussed along with the design. The geothermal heating/cooling must be quite costly.

  6. Wondering:

    1) whether any provision has been made for heating/cooling (beyond passive solar).

    2) whether that roof would collapse under eight feet of snow.

    Unless the answers to those are “yes” and “no”, it’s probably better to avoid building this in a very cold, snowy climate.

    • I stayed in the EDGE in northern Wisconsin. It’s even nicer in person. The EDGE has been there for multiple winters so it proven that snow is not a concern. The roof is very rugged.

  7. like the others love this plan where can we get them and what is the cost to build,would love this with a pergola around the outside and either a large wood burning fireplace or large wood burning stove as another heat source,can this be off grid.please where can we get more information.

  8. Still watching for some Straw Bale, Stack-Wood. or other practical, sheap, survival housing for the urban populations as the system fails them in these changing times? Aquaponics, gardening, Gobar gas, LED lights, for survivours soon to be forced by food stamp cancellations, cut-backs unemployment, to live within a meger EROI?

  9. Facts from the site: 320 sq. ft.; Lofts = 80 sq. ft. total.
    From the image: ratio is 290px x 139px.
    Using the area and the L to W ratio, the internal size is approximately 12’5″ x 25’10″.
    Using this and the loft area, each loft is 12’5″ x 6’5″.
    Assuming the bathroom and kitchen fall into the shadow of the lofts, this makes the common space 12’5″ x 13’0″.
    You can probably figure out many of the other measurements using this info. However, I got this info using math / common sense — please respect the original IP and contact the company if you want to use the design.

  10. I like the plain lines and the functional idea implemented in the design. Very stylish and practical at the same time. Very, very nice…

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