Funky Bunky

What you see below is a playhouse made by the folks at Funky Bunky up in Canada. As you can see it looks like a whimsical animation that’s come to life and I’m certain kids will love playing in little playhouses like these. But now imagine taking this funky style an applying it to a doghouse, shed, pool house, garden office or even a little bunkhouse complete with composting toilet, solar power, and a stand-alone sink.

Right now on their website all you’ll see are the playhouses but they will be building a wide variety of solutions in this whimsical style. Take a look and if this is the kind of funky tiny house you’ve been dreaming of I bet the folks at Funky Bunky will welcome the call.

Update: It looks like Funky Bunky is no longer in business.

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    What a fantastic playhouse! This looks similar to one that my godson has – although it isn’t quite as grand as this one.

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