Jeremy’s Tiny House

It’s always exciting for me to run across a new tiny house project. Somehow this one stayed off my radar until today. It’s a Tumbleweed built by a fellow named Jeremy in Indiana. On his website he says he’s planning on selling this one to help finance building a tiny house for himself.

He’s posted photos of the entire construction process, so if you’re considering building one yourself you can see what goes into a tiny house project like this. Below is a video Jeremy posted on YouTube that also steps you through the construction process.

For more information about this house visit Jeremy’s website.


  1. z

    what is jeremy’s website it just keeps taking me to the youtube video

  2. Sorry about that… just fixed the links. Here it is too:

  3. P

    I’d love to visit Jeremy’s site, but this link isn’t doing the trick. If there’s no site these days, is there another way to learn what’s happening with the touring house? It’s très cool and unique. Please don’t whet my appetite, then hide the dish. Thanks.

  4. C

    This is just beautiful!

  5. R

    I have one question do you tow in all over the place

  6. t

    Love your Jeremy’s tiny house. How much does it weight

  7. B

    Check this site for more details:

  8. G

    Sweet! How much are you asking for the house. Are you building more to sell?


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