LiL’ Lodges – Park Model RVs

I just ran across these little houses called LiL’ Lodges. The design pictured is the smallest design they sell and it looks like it’s a little over 200 square feet. It comes with a lot of standard features like custom kitchen cabinets, cathedral ceilings, detachable hitches, 29 gauge colored metal roofing, real wood cedar paneling, etc.

I also learned something new. These little houses are not technically classified as a mobile home or trailer. The Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association actually defines little houses like this as recreational vehicles. Here is their definition:

“Park Model Homes are recreational vehicles primarily designed as temporary living quarters for recreation, camping or seasonal use. They are built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels and have a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 square feet in the set-up mode.”

I’m not exactly sure why they would slice and dice the definitions but I suspect it has to do with how they are used and transported. For example the design pictured is only 8′ 6″ wide. They also offer a wider version that is 12′ wide requires special permits to transport. Check your state’s requirements but you may also need a permit to transport a trailer over 8 feet too.

These little houses also comply with ANSI A119.5 and is certified by the RPTIA. It sounds like compliance with this construction standard assures the buyer of a certain level of quality. These particular houses are also built one at a time and not on an assembly line like most manufactured homes. The same builder that lays the floor is the same builder that builds the walls. They believe this is a better approach because the overall quality goes up by comparison to having large crews do each separate step.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pricing information on their LiL’ Lodges website. I suspect that right now is a great time to buy because it seems that everyone else building these tiny park models are offering discounts. If you need a quick solution for housing on a piece of land or would consider a park community, these little houses may be the best way to go. Many of the companies that sell these offer financing and it sounds like you can order the house and have it delivered fairly quickly.


  1. m

    I just purchased a Lil Lodge and I love it! The people there are so friendly and very knowledgeable. They answered every question I had and made me think of some I didn’t know to ask. I got a great product at a very good price. I would reccomend them to anyone.


  2. Thanks Michael! Great to hear first hand opinions.

  3. S

    I just came across this site for tiny houses and would like to share my experience with Lil’ Lodges. I was looking for something that wasn’t mobile like their units but I loved the look of their homes so I asked if I could purchase a full set of plans so I could build one myself and they sold me a full set at a very reasonable price. I also would recommend them to anyone. Very nice people even if your not buying their product.

  4. That’s cool. Nice to know they sell their plans too.

  5. M

    Great people to work with,delivered my unit when promised
    see my testimonial on their website.
    bought the unit in June 2008

  6. m

    Are you still happy with the lil lodge and how is it holding up with wear. Am considering buying one for resort property. THank you.yn

  7. R

    Much of the definition has to do with meeting the code requirements for the campground industry.

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