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Where to build? Where to live? Well this is just out… the USGS & NOAA have issued a  report that warns that coastlines are becoming increasingly hazardous and costly to live on due to climate change impacts. Some of the expectations relayed in the report include a rise in health issues for coastal dwellers, stronger storms, changes in precipitation, increasing potential for damage to infrastructure, and higher insurance rates.

Ironically from NASA we’re hearing more reports that climate change can be partially attributed to the sun – in other words it’s not just us. In fact I think they should retitle this recent NASA article to, Climate Change… it’s the Sun Stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for reducing our carbon emissions, getting off fossil fuels, and reducing consumption of all things. I’m also not looking for a scapegoat – I’m happy to think it’s us. But I also don’t want to turn a blind eye to the truth – and the truth that’s emerging for me (after months of tracking news of the sun) is that the climate change we’re witnessing has a lot to do with the sun’s activity – and lack of it.

Hey maybe Al Gore can do a new film… An Inconvenient Sun Spot! Just kidding :-)

You see the sun has a normal 11-year cycle of ups and downs. During solar a maximum we typically get more sun spots that send energy toward earth. We see the impacts as Aurora Borealis and disruptions to radio transmissions. Right now we’re approaching the end of a solar maximum that looked a lot more like a solar minimum, and has some saying publicly that sun is affecting our climate.

A few even go a step father by pointing out that the last time we saw this trend it was followed by the Maunder Minimum, a period of even quieter solar activity where the sun sparked off very few sun spots and seemingly caused The Little Ice Age during the Middle Ages.

It’s one thing when the alternative media reports on these issues, it’s another when NASA, NOAA, and the USGS start reporting that climate change is serious business and it’s not entirely our fault – and completely out of our control.

Design for Resilience

Which brings me back to housing and the importance of things like mobility, sustainability and resilience – not just for homes but for life. I think we can all safely say that climate change is very real – no matter the cause – and that impacts to life are on the table. So it seems perfectly logical to begin making changes in how we live.

Some core requirements for this design may be:

  • Downsize – an ideal strategy with a lot of benefits for today’s world and as a hedge against unforeseen changes tomorrow. Think of it like going for a day hike with a 10 pound pack versus a 50 pound pack- which makes you more agile?
  • Mobile – easier for those who’ve downsized. Wheels under your house can help too but it’s really the lifestyle and work you choose that impacts your ability to be flexible.
  • Sustainable – also easier to achieve after you’ve chosen to live with less – because there’s less input required to keep things moving.
  • Resilient – achieved when you’ve mastered the inputs and outputs – adding that spring back to life.
  • Happiness & Peace – the goal ultimately. I realize that some think the goals is power & riches but I think most of us think that’s just crazy. Hopefully someday soon those Yertles will fall from their towers of turtles and the rest of us can go back to living. I just hope the mess doesn’t slow us all down for too long. I guess that will depend greatly on the resilience we build today.

This is just food for thought and a peek into where my head has been lately. It’s one thing to worry about the craziness in the world around us and another to do something positive about it.

I think we’re living in a society where change is afoot and the powers-that-be are scrambling to find a way to stop or slow the changes. Everything in their beings tell them to tighten their grips harder in an attempt to control the situation and keep from falling – not realizing that the game is over.

It’s time to put away the Monopoly Board, pack away the funny money, bag up the houses & hotels, and get back to playing tag outside – rain and all. The paradigm is shifting.



  1. K

    Many in the scientific community have been saying it’s the Sun for years, it fell on def ears because it didn’t fit others agenda. If you live in the same area for many years you see the cycles and you can almost plot them. Myself I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for the better part of fifty years, that being said I remember the bitter cold and snow in the early to mid 60s then it tapered off and was back again in the mid 80s and the late 90s. Granted it may be only a week or so at a time but still you have a pattern. The winters have been very mild for the last five years, I keep waiting for them to swing the other way. I have remember when the big brew-ha-ha was drum roll please… Global Cooling! So can someone tell me if it’s warming or cooling? Both are right and both are wrong depending on where we are in the Sun’s cycle.

    I need to thank you for posting this and maybe it will wake people up to the fact they are being lied to. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be good stewarts of this world. I’m saying question what you are being told by any government. Because they have an agenda behind what they are spoon feeding you.

  2. D

    Thank you so very much! Finally someone is saying it’s part of Nature’s plan to have ebbs and flows. Every time I hear about how our carbon emissions are causing global warming I scream, “Yeah, but what about all the times the world’s climate changed in the past?!?!? There was no such thing as carbon emissions back then!” Doesn’t anyone watch Discovery Channel? This is just the way it is. The Earth goes through periodic changes, including climate, with or without the influence of humans. We just happen to be living during one of those periods.

  3. r

    So what you are saying or rather NASA is saying that due to the lack of the sun’s activity it’s getting colder ? Yet I can see that it is getting warmer not colder and we just had the warmest year on record ever . Apparently there isn’t the cause and effect you say there is . There are definitely cycles , but either you are confused or NASA wasn’t clear in their statement , and even they have their agendas or bribes . What is clear is we shouldn’t pollute or waste resources regardless of if it causes global warming or not . Look at it this way you know it’s not safe to be in a closed place like a garage with a running car or truck what makes you think that spreading it out more is not going to be harmful . They give off poison gas .

  4. J

    Excellent post! I love the Tiny House movement for many of the same reasons as yourself (cutting out the debt-based funny money mortgage scam, living a more environmentally-sound life, etc.) but it’s disappointing that one of its signatory battle cries is the “reduce your carbon footprint” line.

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s certainly something incredibly wrong with our environment, but anthropogenic global warming is a complete farce. One only needs to look at the carbon credit trading system it spawned, in which the same corporations and governments polluting the earth in the first place make a killing selling what are essentially “get out of jail free” cards for ecological tyrants. Not to mention ClimateGate.

    I’d highly recommend an episode of The Corbett Report as a great primer on Sun-driven climate change. Powerful information that should make even the most die-hard believers in the anthropogenic global warming crowd take notice!


  5. Thanks Josh. I agree. I also come at this from a place far to the left of the political center. While humans are definitely making major negative impacts on the planet, like filling the oceans with plastic and petrochemicals, the climate change we’re experiencing isn’t all coming from us. The reports I link to in this post also show this to be the case.

    But no matter when one sits politically or on the causes of climate change the truth is that it is changing and we should design our lives and homes to account for this. Design for resilience.

  6. M

    “…the climate change we’re witnessing has a lot to do with the sun’s activity – and lack of it.”

    In fact, based on sun activity, the last ten years or so should have seen global temperatures declining (see Maunder minimum). Instead, the warming has continued unabated. So, I don’t understand how the connection can be made that declining solar radiation equals the global warm up. It’s not “the sun, stupid”. It’s a force powerful enough to override the decrease in insolation and continue to drive up the temperatures.

  7. I wish I knew how and why the climate is changing too. Searching for answers in this area always seems to lead to a conspiracy theory too – making it all that more difficult to uncover the truth.

    I suspect four things are definitely true though:
    1) over long periods of time the earth naturally goes through warming and cooling periods.
    2) right now we’re experiencing a abnormally long period of temperate climate.
    3) the climate is definitely changing.
    4) the powers that be will do anything to protect status quo.

    Which is why I must accept that at the end of the day we should design more resilience into our lives and homes – at the very least.

  8. Why did everyone change from “global warming” to “climate change”?

  9. I think the words ‘climate change’ are more accurate for describing whats happening. While some places are warming, like the poles, some areas are just experiencing more pronounced changes. I also think the term is more inclusive for theories about why this change is happening. Just my two cents.

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