Minim House

As the tiny house movement grows it’s exciting to see so many creative people diving in an inventing new solutions to the small space challenge. The tiny house pictured here looks to me like one of those evolutionary steps that will catch on and be emulated and built-upon by others. It’s the Minim House.

If you think it looks a bit wider than most tiny houses you’re right – it is. It’s about 11-feet by 22.5-feet for a total of 210 square feet of usable space. It also has few interior walls which help open the space up. But the icing on the cake is the flexible interior layout with the movable table and roll-out bed.


The only big disadvantage to going past the more common 8.5-foot width is that in many states you’d need a temporary special move permit when moving the house.

There’s no loft. Instead they put the bed under the floor of a slightly raised space at one end of the house. This conceals the bed while still maintaining full use of the space.

Another innovation is the hidden and detachable trailer. The designers figured that since people don’t move tiny houses very often it might be useful to make the trailer a separate part held on by just 15 bolts. The house is also wider than the trailer so the wheels are hidden below and behind the outer walls.

Also included is a stealthy rainwater collection system and the house is off-grid ready. You’ll also notice that the toilet is an Incinolet incinerating toilet, so now sewer connection would be needed – assuming local zoning requirements permitted this.

This house was designed by Foundry Architects and Brian Levy, and was first built by Element Design + Build at Boneyard Studios DC. For more information and visit the Minim Tiny Homes website.

Minim House - 03

Below: You can see the rainwater collection system, and notice above how the rain gutters are totally hidden.Minim House - 02

Below: The bed is pulled out.Minim House - 06

Below: The bed is tucked away and the table is setup like a little bar. Maybe set for a party?Minim House - 07

Below: Now the table is set for dinner, seating for 6.Minim House - 09

Below: Party is over, table has been lowered into coffee table mode.Minim House - 10

Below: Time for work. Table now setup as a desk.Minim House - 11

Below: Detail shot of the kitchen.

Minim House - 13


Below: Simple wet bath with Incinolet brand incinerating toilet. The curtain keeps the water off the electric toilet and outlet. Also notice the instant hot water heater hung in plain sight on the wall and exposed copper plumbing.

Minim House - 12


  1. T

    I love this design and wonder what the finished & delivered price would be.

  2. j

    I am SO happy to see a wider “tiny” house. There are those of us that want a “tiny” room efficient home but have no desire to cart it around on wheels. The width is wonderful. As well as the same floor bedroom. Many of us that are downsizing are getting older and want a smaller home that is friendly to people that are getting old ie., no stairs ANYWHERE. I hope to see more of this kind of design.

  3. T

    i agree i want a tiny home. and a big bigger or it seems a it claustrophobic. The main problem for me is and many i feel of our age is we don’t want to be climbing a ladder to get in and out of bed. I’m finding it hard to find a design that accomodates this as well as plenty of storage. I’m thinking a bed in the back on a platform, with with storage for blankets and such that you don’t get into everyday under the bed and drawers built into the walls at mid level instead of a dresser. Some people are in wheelchairs and this would help them tremendously. I’m thinking of a community of them for disabled people, and non disabled too, who want independence but privacy as well. An endless pool, most of us have arthritic conditions and excersise in a solar heated pool like that is be very theraputic, and a community garden in raised beds for those that can help, and good fresh food, and call ins or check ins for those that need a bit of help. A place before assisted living. Many of us have been hit with things before our time, but we simply are not ready to go be shoved into a room somewhere, and told what to do as well. Anyone interested in something like this drop me a line at email hidden; JavaScript is required. I live in CA. first I need to get my own home built somehow. I have a girlfriend who used to build but she is disabled too, but owns two homes falling apart. She told me we could put one together in her driveway, but the reality of two disable women pulling this off seems a bit challenging, an we can see much down time as well. But I need help. I’m in a room at my daughters after leaving a drug infested low income complex in the mtn.s They just had a baby and now and need this room. I think this type living would really catch on,but it needs to be presented to the right people. I’m hoping for enough funds to fund a project like this (my own tiny house) in the near future. I even have a tiny dog to go with it she’s only 5 lb.s. No really only a few close friends and that’s few think I’m serious and that I can pull this off. I refuse to give up my dream, care to join me?

  4. D

    I have a house with a trailer attached. There were a lot of people living in this house in the past but now it is only Me and my Babygirl a mini pomhuahua 2.5 lbs. The trailer is falling apart and the house has black mold in places. With my health failing at 56 I have to take steps to either fix it or tear it down. Breaks my heart it is the house my late husband and I bought in 1985. he died Nov. 7th 2013. I have been researching ways to downsize and thinking of getting a trailer not a reg trailer but a trucking trailer/container used. I can use the parts from my house and get rid of the rest. Love the design of the bed in this one and the large window in the kitchen I have in my living room. it will look great with my wood cabinets in my house. I have nephews that can help with it. If God is willing and I get my SSI hearing is 25th I should get this done. Good luck to us both!!

  5. Check out Lemon Cove in central California. They are a new Tiny House Community. They are encouraging people to come together to help build (rebuild!) tiny houses and they have a beautiful converted campground to site them.

  6. R

    Would love this. Perfect just 4 me and my dogs

  7. M

    Es un opción muy buena, donde tienes lo necesario para vivir dia a dia y es muy linda.

  8. D

    I wish I could find these houses located in my area without having to look so hard for them. Oregon Coast CoosBay area please:=) Love the tiny homes so much!

  9. W

    Deanna Elle,

    Contact me through my E-mail. I am in Coquille and would be happy to construct a tiny home for you. I use to build full scale homes but now offer maintenance and would love to offer the small/tiny home option.


    Wiley Sanders
    Western: A Property Services Company
    email hidden; JavaScript is required

  10. J

    What does something like this cost?

  11. S

    LOVE this. I see those loft beds and think – no way. This is so doable. So spacious and yet so compact. LOVE the nice real sized sink in the kitchen and lovely picture window view. Is that a roll up shade there for privacy?

  12. If I remember correctly… that’s a projection screen/black out shade for watching TV and movies :) This really is one of the most versatile and well designed tiny houses I’ve ever seen.

  13. The 11 foot width makes a lot of sense. Having it moved is no more difficult than an 8 foot house, and tiny houses are not built to be moved often. The permit required doesn’t require a route survey or escort. It is just as easy as moving a piece of heavy equipment and provides much nicer space.

  14. r

    Would the move require a commercial driver’s license?

  15. I think it depends on the state.

  16. R

    This is beautiful and looks like a tiny house that you really could live in.
    In addition to the more manageable width, the high quality fittings in muted colours, installed with pleasing symmetry, make this a winner.

  17. B

    I would rent this in a heartbeat if it was on Long Island. In a heartbeat. Classy, minimal, elegant design.

  18. L

    Good Morning! I am looking for a wall mounted furnace like the one you have in your pictures. I can’t find them anywhere in Minnesota. Any suggestions where to look? And what is the brand name and model you have.
    I use this Tiny house site to inspire our hunting shack and fish house. There are so many good ideas!

  19. That is a Dickenson Marine fireplace.

  20. Z

    Loni, I work at Home Depot in MN. We sell them there as a special order. just talk to someone in plumbing.

  21. M

    One of the best examples of modern tiny home, it is not a pastiche to our idealized country living, finally! Great cladding on the outside and big windows add to the charm, simple idea with the bed is great too, but I would use the space above more effectively e.g. for permanent study area. Overall great work! Q: How is the house heated?

  22. Looks like a propane fireplace from

  23. B

    Thanks for the kind words Marek. The house is heated with a Dickinson marine heater, with a small 400W backup electric heater (EcoHeat) to keep the house warm without tending the gas heater.

    Indeed the space above the bed is a permanent wraparound study area. The keyboard will eventually be covered with a walnut desktop. Behind the desk is a 5′ full size closet.

    Plans available at

  24. J

    Smart design. Thanks!

  25. C

    Thrang bof jwet nak. Hemm luk swroop tre glackthrut. Scree ret lep hamg dree! Drep fomb dup relkai mau. Bruf sheq lup haranguspieled!

  26. J

    I like the Minim House illustrated above. I just found your website…..Don’t ask me how that happened. On occasion, we feel very lonely here in Houston, Texas. The interest in Tiny Homes is not exactly at warp speed. I am sending you some information on our company in hopes that we can somehow network. At this particular time, we are still in the research and development stage of business, inventing, designing, innovative concepts that we feel are relative to the future of the tiny home industry. Furthermore, we are not building homes, selling plans, etc., focusing on specific areas where we feel the need for improvement is greatest.
    We are a small blip on the tiny house radar; however, we have created some game changing techniques in current tiny house construction.
    We would welcome the opportunity to network with like-minded tiny house people. As I said, it gets lonely in Houston having few with which to collaborate.
    Our current projects are:
    Square Footage: We think outside the box, therefore, we build outside the box, resulting in an increase in usable square footage within the parameters of a specific trailer size. Our current model, The Prius, pushes the envelope of a 8′ by 20′ trailer with over 380 square feet. Additionally, this model features approximately 275 square feet of wooden decking. Our newest model, a classic Mediterranean model is nearing completion, built on a trailer which is 8′ by 28′, offering approximately 480 square feet.
    Water: Our on board, proprietary, Nano Technology, Tropospheric Water Precipitation water generator. Not to be confused with out of date, AWG technology, using a compressor and Freon to make water. Our system will create 30 gallons of 99.9% pure water in a 24 hour period.
    Hybrid construction: Our space age SIP panel technology now being tested, utilizing Nano Pure thermal tested insulation in the form of a vacuum insulation panel or VIP integrated and sandwiched in between foam and 2 layers of aluminum or steel skins. These panels will have an insulation factor up to R60. The overall width will be a net of 4 inches and will be 60% lighter and 35% stronger than conventional wood construction.
    AC: Our home will be powered with a 12 volt, solar powered air conditioner, resulting in the need for less solar panel surface being used today.
    Solar: We are in negotiations with Dow Chemical to partner with us to use the revolutionary Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles. We are also working with US Tile who has partnered with SRS Energy to use their Mission Profile Tiles(Faux clay tiles)named Sole’ Power Tiles on our Mediterranean model.
    In conclusion, we would like to collaborate with your company on some ideas which may be mutually beneficial to both our companies.


    Jay Olstead

    Who is M. Ragsdale III?

  27. B

    Interested to know more about the water generation technology- contact me at email hidden; JavaScript is required. Thanks.

  28. T

    Yes also interested in the water. I have a really good water filteration system I am not selling even though I’m broke at the moment, but plant on using it in the kitchen, along with a chlorine filter in the shower. I’m using one of those disabled shower tubs with the jets in it for the shower/tub. and a bowl on top for the sink with the bronze oiled fixture coming out of the wall to pour into the bowl. Also interested in those tiles. i don’t know about solar but want mine solar if at all possible. and I’m using a far-in-far-red heater with a purifier as my heat a source. It will heat the whole home for .10 cents an hour. And cork flooring, your much less likely to break anything if you fall,and it’s a good insulator and bug repellant as well and easy to clean and the one Ilke looks like carmel corn, just beautiful. You just lay it down too. Very easy to install. I wrote below or above about my other ideas.

  29. J

    Love the minim tiny house shown above. At Ragsdale Homes ” Next Generation Series” we offer the most square footage for a tiny home built on a trailer without exceeding the 8’5″ width. Attached, you will find some links to YouTube. Please enjoy Ciao Jay

  30. S

    I am interested in this particular model. Can you please contact me at my email. As another individual ask already, is this available yet? Cost? And do you have plans where I could purchase and build myself? Thanks…Scott

  31. D

    hi, how can i avail this minim house, im from phillippines

  32. how much is this house? is it prefab? or do you just sell the plans.. and if it’s prefab do you ship to canada? this is my fave house so far

  33. J

    I love this house.
    Since I’m a senior citizen now. With the bed so far down on the floor, it would be hard to get up off the bed. I would love for them to design the pullout bed, like a hide-a-bed concept. Where you pull it out and somehow you can pull it up out so the mattress is up off the floor and even with the platform (maybe 2′??).
    I think this is a great alternative to renting an apt. or even living in a trailer.
    Awesome design Brian!

  34. N

    How much is a tiny house like this?

  35. You can find everything from plan prices to estimated costs to have it built professionally… and a few options in between here:

  36. R

    “Minim House” is a stunning piece of work.

    Since I first saw “Minim House”, even to this day, I am still constantly amazed by its design.

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