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Nido Micro Cabin

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Nido Micro Cabin - Sept 2012

Robin Falck’s lakeside cabin in Finland is just 96 square feet, has a 50 square foot loft, and required no permit to build. It took him about two weeks to build it in 2010 and the total cost was about $10,500 in materials.  Loosely translated Nido means Bird’s nest in Italian, which speaks to the feeling created inside by the large lake facing window open to the lake.

As you might have guessed Robin is a designer – the careful attention to detail and balanced un-box-like design might give that away. You can find him living & working in Helsinki. In addition to building himself a micro cabin for fun, he also works on illustrations, product design or interior design.

You can find Robin online on Twitter @robinfalck, and see his work on his website, robinfalck.com.

Nido Micro Cabin - Construction Nido Micro Cabin - Entry

Nido Micro Cabin - Interior

Nido Micro Cabin - Loft

Nido Micro Cabin - Front

Nido Micro Cabin - Side


    • Oh, and I don’t think I see any facility for ventilation. Do the windows open?

      Could be quite hot and unpleasant in the summer without knowing more details.

      • SO negative…what are you a building inspector? This is meant to be a shelter, a bit more permanent and stable than a TENT, that’s why the deck’s prominent! Build it without permit (even bigger in Ontario by statute) and enjoy those perfect nights, and BTW I do see ventilation, OK so retrofit in more if yer vent-paranoid, or install fans and solar panels, go nuts. It’s a gift. Geez.

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