Tiny Houses Bringing Economic Freedom

Aldo Lavaggi said extreme downsizing was “an experiment in voluntary simplicity,” for him. He built his 105-square-foot timber house on a friend’s farmland in New York’s Hudson Valley and has lived in it since August 2012.” – Nina Glinski/Bloomberg

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Single Mom Builds Off-Grid Lakeside Cabin Near Columbus, Ohio

The following is a guest post from Kelley. Thanks again for sharing your story Kelley!

We’ve been building a 192 sq ft cabin with a sleeping loft and front and back porch right on our lake shore.

Our cabin sits on the shore line of a small lake in the woods just west outside if Columbus, Ohio. The building is 16’x12′ with 16′ ceilings, a 4′ front porch and 8′ back porch that overlooks the lake. The sleeping loft is 12’x8′ and has 2 full sized beds. The downstairs is complete with an open great room, kitchen with bar, and bathroom with a sink, standup shower, and composting toilet.

I am building this cabin myself with help from friends and we are slowly but surely making progress! Our cabin is off grid and powered by a gas generator and will have a water pump and filtration system with water being pulled from the lake. We also have a woodburning stove and are building a stone hearth, of course complete with a small flatscreen TV that hangs above the stove.

All of our windows and a lot of our building supplies have come from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, as well as Craigslist! I am a single mom of 3 young children and we are building this together as a family while I am teaching my children what it means to work for something and then be able to enjoy your hard work when it’s completed. This project is a labor of love and serves as a getaway from busy city life and a place where we can just focus on being a family and enjoy what life is all about; complete with fishing off of our back porch!

We will utilize this cabin as a weekend getaway, which in turn has already made us appreciate our small home in Columbus, a home we were feeling was too small, but is greatly larger than our 192 sq ft cabin! Our 1,100 sq ft Columbus home is definitely more than enough and I even go as far as to say I think our 192 sq ft cabin feels even larger!

We are a “go-get-her” kinda family. Working hard together and inviting neighbors over along the way and throughout the process. Building small houses becomes a community event and that’s my favorite part about it!

I started this project when I became a single mom of 3; to give my 3 children and I an opportunity to begin starting over and moving forward. Throughout this process, we have more than moved forward, we have grown closer as a now family of 4 and have empowered ourselves by learning how to do things we never thought we could ever do, such as my 6 year old can help frame walls, my 3 year old can help paint, and my 2 year old loves to help clean.

Me, well I’m learning being a single parent doesn’t limit me and my abilities AND I can build a cabin! I am creating a very special space for my family and I, a space we built together, created so many memories together, and will have around to enjoy as a family for years to come.

Family Builds Off-Grid Lakeside Cabin Near Columbus, Ohio - Kelley's Family Portrait

Family Builds Off-Grid Lakeside Cabin Near Columbus, Ohio - kids helping out

Family Builds Off-Grid Lakeside Cabin Near Columbus, Ohio - porch

Family Builds Off-Grid Lakeside Cabin Near Columbus, Ohio - loft

Family Builds Off-Grid Lakeside Cabin Near Columbus, Ohio - interior

Family Builds Off-Grid Lakeside Cabin Near Columbus, Ohio - bed in loft

Brevard Tiny House Company

The following is a guest post from the Brevard Tiny House Company.

Hello! We’re the Brevard Tiny House Company! We’re a family owned business located in Western North Carolina. We love tiny houses!

Below you’ll see some pictures from our ‘Keep on the Sunny Side’ and ‘Robin’s Nest’ tiny houses. Keep on the Sunny Side was our first build, and where two of our team members now live. The Robin’s Nest is now with its owner, in North Dakota.

Both tiny homes are 8×24 ft. They are built on custom-designed trailers with 7,000 lb. axles and boxed in wheel wells. The bed of the trailer is also lowered to maximize height potential for the actual tiny house.

We love living in Keep on the Sunny Side. One of our favorite features is the slide out shelving system for the pantry, convection oven, and cook top. It’s a great space-saver in the kitchen. We also like having the kitchen and living areas ‘separated’ by the couch and the kitchen table—it makes it feel more like a standard sized home. We also have conventional plumbing, a comfy master sleeping loft, and we’ve even got a mini garden going on one of the wheel wells!

The Robin’s Nest has a beautiful and innovative interior (and a cute brown and blue exterior which gave the house its name!). We were able to creatively and efficiently incorporate stairs, which is something we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about. Underneath the stairs are the water heater, a space for kitty litter, the all in one washer-dryer combination, and a mini pantry. We also love the ‘crazy wall’ in the master-sleeping loft. Through the use of several native woods of various size, shape, and texture, our artistic master builder designed a beautiful accent wall.

A few features that both tiny houses have:

  • Changing space: through the use of privacy curtains, the area between the bathroom and the closet can function as a private changing area
  • Full insulation: both tiny houses are sealed tight! We’ve experienced a Pennsylvania winter and can attest that a space heater was more than enough to heat the tiny house!
  • Large windows: we wanted them to have a bright open feel through the use of natural light
  • A second loft, which can be used for storage or a second bedroom
  • A ‘teeny’ tiny house. Before a build, we create a model of the future tiny home. It’s a hoot!

The most important thing to remember about Brevard Tiny House Company is that we love building! We’re excited to try new things and incorporate all of your ideas! We’re 100% custom designed!

Check out our website for more information: www.brevardtinyhouse.com

It’s a great day to live tiny!

Robin’s Nest time-lapse

Robin’s Nest virtual tour

More photos of Robin’s Nest

Robins Nest Exterior-Brevard Tiny House Company

Robins Nest Interior 2-Brevard Tiny House Company

Robins Nest Interior-Brevard Tiny House Company

Robins Nest Kitchen-Brevard Tiny House Company

Robins Nest Loft-Brevard Tiny House Company

Robins Nest Bathroom-Brevard Tiny House Company

Sunny Side virtual tour

More photos of Sunny Side

Sunny Side Interior from Loft-Brevard Tiny House Company

Sunny Side Exterior-Brevard Tiny House Company

Sunny Side Kitchen-Brevard Tiny House Company

Sunny Side Interior-Brevard Tiny House Company

Sunny Side Storage-Brevard Tiny House Company

Sunny Side Loft-Brevard Tiny House Company