Caspar Cottage (8×20)

If you drive northward along Highway 1 in Northern California you’ll eventually come to the tiny coastal towns of Mendocino County. This part of the California coast first began to attract settlers in the 1850s and grew for decades fueled by a booming lumber industry. Today the coastline is left with many large and small examples of traditional and historic homes.

This design is named for the tiny town of Caspar, just off Highway 1 between Mendocino and Fort Bragg. Caspar was first settled in 1857. Today Caspar is a quiet village with small shops, homes, church, and a popular nightclub, The Caspar Inn, a continuously roadhouse since 1906.

This tiny house design would be built on a double axle trailer, measures 8-feet wide by 20-feet long. It has a bathroom, kitchen, two lofts, and a small porch. The roof has a 12/12 pitch with a hip roof on the back to improve aerodynamics when being towed.

The plans are 36 pages long, cost $9.95 and show you how a tiny house is framed step-by-step. Plumbing and electrical plans are not included but there is a list of the lumber needed. Below are some sample pages from the plans.

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  1. Michael Clay

    Hello my friend

    My wife and I love the Casper Cottage. Next April we plan on a move to Anchorage Alaska. We want to build two 8′ x 20′ units using your Tiny House Plans. Our plan is to use metal corugated siding for the walls and the roof. We are going to build both units with a loft.

    Our plan is once we get to Alaska to buy a piece of remote property and live in the Tiny House Units while we build a Log Home. Once the log Home Walls are up we want to then take apart the Tiny House Units and use the walls and roof from each unit to construct the roof for our A Frame LOG Cabin.

    Both tiny House units will need a bathroom. One unit will have a kitchen and a Master Bedroom while the other unit will have a large living space with the Lofts for our 2 children. We hope to use your plans. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Michael Janzen

      Sounds like an exciting and challenging project – mostly due to the future disassembly of the tiny houses. Good idea though – nice stepped progressive plan. You might want to think about building the tiny houses with DIY panels so they can be more taken apart. I’ve put some ideas on paper for how that could work in the Tiny Prefab ebook. There’s a short version of that available for free too.

      Good luck!

  2. gwen

    saw this on Homestead Survival and love the fact its on wheels as im getting older the need to down size is grater i love the fact any family member can have you stay for a short time or longer and your not in there way

  3. Sherri

    I live in a heavily populated area on a 5,008″ square foot lot, and the building codes allow for me to construct an accessory dwelling unit of at least 150 sq ft. I have a son with mental health challenges who cannot live independently, but we will get along much better if he is close yet far! :-) So I am looking into putting a Tiny House in my back yard. I cannot build it on my own, but if I can find a local contractor who will work with me, this just might be a good option. Thanks.

  4. Dan

    I live in an area that has been hit really hard by the economy. While I was searching real estate listings and apartments I realized that I didn’t want to go down that road. It wasn’t until I did a search for off-grid housing on YouTube that I stumbled onto the preview for “Tiny a story about living small” that I found my answer to cheap self-sustaining living.

  5. mark

    Hi i would like to buy these plans or plans of a similar sized house designed for a trailer. Do you have any plans in metric measurements?

      1. jeff

        im looking to build a small house on a car trailer. what im looking for is room to move around. small stove. washer and dryer. enough room for me, my girlfriend, and 5 kittens. we like video games. need help with a plan or what kind of trailer to get. anyway you could text or email me. im looking for a cheap cheap build but will last for years. ive been trying to buy homes but credit sucks. im always denied and this seems so freakin amazing.

        1. Michael Janzen

          Two tiny house companies make purpose-built trailers for tiny houses:

          But most are just built on flatbed trailers (without the dovetail slanted ramp on the back). The more stout the axles the better. If you’re handy with metalwork you might be able to fix up a used trailer but it might be safest to just buy a new trailer. Look locally, you may find a local merchant or trailer shop.

  6. di

    I like that the entire seating area does not face the clutter of the kitchen. No matter where you sit, you can enjoy an outdoor view.

  7. di

    Still prefer an under-counter kitchen with windows spanned across the counter top. This plan would be great to have windows on both sides of the kitchen as well.

    Small under-counter appliances can be found at Compact Appliance online.

  8. Maria giordano

    Wondering if you know of anyone who can build one of theses amazing little homes for me in the Bay Area

    1. Michael Janzen

      There are some folks in the North Bay and in Santa Cruz that build tiny houses. I don’t know if any are willing to build one of my designs. You might also look for a good contractor near you that wants a fun project.

      Check the to find tiny house people near you.

  9. Trina

    Considering one of these for my mother. What is your suggestion for plumbing? Septic system/leach lines?

  10. Heather

    I have been looking into these kinds of homes and I keep wondering how the water system and toilet system works? Any ideas?


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