Pioneer’s Cabin (16×20)

Pioneer’s Cabin (v.2)

Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Loft Bed
Front & Back Porch
12/12 Roof Pitch
PDF format – 42 pages – $9.95

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These framing plans contain the plans, list of required lumber, and drawings for this  16′ x 20′ structure.

The walls use standard 2×6 framing with 8-foot interior walls on the first level. The 12/12 pitch roof uses standard framing. The porch roof pitch is 3/12. The upper level is a 10-foot deep loft with a low ceiling (ridge at 7 1/2 feet). See some floor plan ideas for a 16’x20′ tiny house.

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Sample Pages & Illustrations

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Free Updates

Today the plans are complete but over time I’ll make improvements and additions as reader suggestions are incorporated. When I do I’ll send out a link to the free update to everyone who has already purchased the ebook in the past. So in many ways purchasing an ebook from me is really more like subscribing to an expanding design resource.

Please Note

Before building any structure be sure to check with your local authorities. In many communities permits are not needed when building tiny buildings like sheds but the rules range widely so it’s best to research your local restrictions before building anything. Also please note that these plans were not prepared by or checked by a licensed engineer and/or architect. Build from these plans at your own risk.

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126 Comments Pioneer’s Cabin (16×20)

  1. Joyce

    While I can’t build any house, if I could, the tiny houses would be my first choice; love all that this website has to offer, and my “dream home” is on this site. I’ll keep looking as long as y’all keep publishing :-)

    1. Steve

      I’d say you could hang a tankless hot water heater on the utility closet wall. The same unit could be used for domestic hot water as well as for hydronic radiant heat in the floors.

  2. regina Burns

    Love this concept. You have my attention, but I am not seeing a price list. Must I purchase one?

  3. Karen

    I Love these Homes !! Thank you for Sharing… I would love to have one built, on my property.. If I could I would saw my Mobile in half.. it’s 14 x 66 ..I’m always in my Bedroom anyways..unless I have to cook something..


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