Portland Alternative Dwellings

Dee Williams has launched the Portland Alternative Dwellings website with the web design help of Tammy Strobel of RowdyKittens. The first design they’ve created is the The Don Vardo (pictured below) which demonstrates the high quality craftsmanship of the homes they will build. It’s intended to be a writing/guest studio and complete with electric radiant heat, a kitchen nook, desk, and pull-out double bed. The structure is incredibly stout and built to take the stress of road trips. This is one tiny house company to watch.

Portland Alternative Dwellings


  1. Thanks for great post and support. We appreciate it. :)

  2. No mention of shower/toilet, though. If such tiny houses are built to be part of a community of them, with a shared bathroom facility to be kept clean by a janitorial service, then fine. Otherwise, these tiny houses must be made complete.

  3. D

    I notice a lack of insulation as well. Perhaps they intend for it to be like an old shasta trailer with a porta-potty stashed in a closet somewhere. An oval galvanized tub will work well for baths,these can be purchased from various off grid supply stores.p.s., I build teardrop trailers and design backyard houses as well. Danny

  4. M

    What you describe with the galvanized tub is exactly what I plan on doing with this design (might make it 2’to longer though!)
    -I can’t decide if I want to stash a lovable loo someplace or just make a simple, easy-to-move-in-a-flatbed-truck outhouse type structure. Hmmmm.

  5. Beautiful craftWOManship! I’m sure driving down the road with this cute little house tons of people would want to know more about it.

    Well done.

  6. E

    Nice work.

    I agree with ChrystalOcean. The name of the company is a misnomer. The term “dwelling” would imply basic components of a home such as a bathroom.

  7. Great looking mobile unit! The setting and trailer almost look fake! Beautiful work- you guys should be darn proud!

    Lloyd Kahn just blogged on it too!

  8. C

    Hi There ! I had emailed Dee Williams as I have some serious questions, but as yet have not heard back. Are they considered houses or R/V’s, Will there be other areas like Fl. where there are extremely high foreclosure rates for workshops ? Is there a Q & A area that addresses these many questions ? Is there a ph. no. n email address, that I can reach PAD at ? With Katrina n the horrific amt. of homes being lost, the Gulf Coast truly needs this alternative, so please email me on how I can learn more, n then share this with others as well. Blessings & Light, Cecilia Thank you !!

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