Saturday Tiny House Videos

Tiny house videos are better than saturday morning cartoons. Below are some tiny house & simple living videos we spotted online this past week. Also:

This Must Be The Place is a growing series of short films exploring the idea of home. This one is on John Coffer, a tintype photographer who lives in a tiny cabin on 50 acres in Washington. I originally found it on the Solar Burrito Blog.

COFFER from thismustbetheplace on Vimeo.

Kevin Cyr built this tiny bike camper. You can view the video on YouTube.


This is the final video in a series of construction videos that Meg & Joe made of their tiny house construction project. See the complete series on their YouTube channel.

Ann Holley gives a tour of her tiny house, the Protohaus.

Theresa gives Alex a tour of her 7’x20′ tiny home.

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  1. This is such a wicked idea that we have been inspired by for quite some time being a team of three avid cyclist who love to go camping but hate the whole tent isues thing. We have been seriously working on a bicycle Mini Camper design of our own. Check out our blog at:

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