Sheldon Designs – Building Plans for Cabins, Cottages, Barns, and Sheds

You’ve probably seen this company’s ads in the back of magazines like Mother Earth News and Fine Home Building. Sheldon Designs sells a wide variety of plans for Cabins, Cottages, Barns, and Sheds. They are also open to suggestions so if you have an idea for a type of building you’d like plans for, they welcome you to suggest ideas on their website. The can also modify their designs if you need a window moved, different roof pitch, or different building materials specified.

Plans range in price from $19 for a small 8′ by 8′ shed to $237 for a 1,218 house. But they have a lot of plans under $100. Their blueprints include a foundation plan, floor plans, building sections, elevations of each side, materials list, and large scale details to give you the big picture of how everything ties together.

All plans meet CABO 1 and 2 Family Dwelling Code or the BOCA national code at the time the plans were made. Detailed plumbing and heating designs are not included and they suggest hiring local experts familiar with your local building requirements to complete these details. Andy Sheldon is an architect and has been designing small houses and farm buildings for over 25 years.

I’ve ordered a set of plans myself and when they arrive I’ll post a report on how they look. Photo credit Sheldon Designs.


  1. e

    Imagine you live in this house. you come home – its cold, wet or late. You open the door and do what with your boots and wet coat?

    Do you think there is adequate storage/living space for the 5/6 sleeping places in the bedrooms? It seems to me the plans are very short on storage/desk space per sleeper.

    Why do the doors open inward in such a small house?

    Is there enough food storage space for 5/6 people or will you be running to the store every day?

    There are only 3 couch seats -nhow many people are you planning on living with in this house, how many visitors? Of course I realize that furniture can be moved, but look at the available space in the living room.

    If you live in climate that is cold enough to warrant a fireplace do you really want the chimney on the outside of the walls?

    Eaves look kind of skimpy what kind of siding are you going to use? Does it rain heavily with wind where you live?

    Lovely wrap around porch.

  2. R

    Good job.

  3. c

    This website make me to be sure about plan ,because when I study at school dont have enough plan to practice.

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