Small Home Oregon

Small Home Oregon can build you a small portable home or sell you the plans so you can built it yourself. Plans cost about $265 and completed homes are in the $30,000 to $40,000 range. They can build it to be off-the-grid or grid-tied depending on your needs. The off-the-grid photovoltaic systems can range from just a few thousand dollars to about $25,000 depending on your power needs. A rain water collection system can also be added for a few thousand dollars. In fact it looks like the people at Small Home Oregon have thought through all the water, power, and sewer options a grid-tied or off-the-grid home might need and have listed them out nicely on their website.

Their design philosophy is simple. Build small affordable homes big enough for two people to live comfortably and small enough to be portable and make a very small impact on the environment. This works out to 325 square feet for the basic structure. Several interior configurations are available including a cottage/guest house, studio, master bedroom, double bedroom and open shop. You can also combine modules in multi-unit configurations if you need more space. The buildings come with a 1 year warranty and have been inspected and approved by the state of Oregon. If you’re looking for a simple turn key home these very professionally built homes might fit your needs perfectly. Photo credit Small Home Oregon.

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