Spherical Tree Houses

I’m not sure if anyone can really let go of their childhood love of tree houses. There’s just something about that treetop perch that stays with us into adulthood. I guess as we get older we get more grounded and prefer a foundation other than tree roots below our fee. But I suspect people like Tom Chudleigh would have something different to say about the stability of old tree roots. He hand-crafts these spherical tree houses up in British Columbia. Some are wood, some are fiberglass, all are perfectly spherical and suspended from trees.


He sells complete spheres, do-it-yourself kits, and all the parts needed to put one together. They aren’t cheap though. The hand crafted wood spheres go for about $150,000 (not sure is that’s USD or CAD). After looking at the photos on his website I understand why. Hours of work go into each tiny tree house and many of the parts are also hand crafted including the cast door hindges. The completed fiberglass spheres are less expensive at about $45,000.

If you’re curious about spending the night in one of Tom’s spheres he has two to choose from named Eve and Eryn. Eve currently rents for 125 a night and Eryn for $175. Check their website for current rates. Unfortunately due to liability considerations the tree houses are for adults only (14 years and up). Here’s a Google Map link if you want to know exactly where they are in Canada. Photo credit Free Spirit Spheres and Our Planet Retreats.




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