Suspended Tiny Living Spaces

The idea of living in the trees is a fun one to imagine. Treehouses are one way to set yourself aloft, but suspending your tiny place with cables or straps is another. Here are a couple of clever examples of folks who’ve brought these visions to life.

This first example is from Erik Pirolt, an artist in Norway. It’s called Flying View and you can see more of it on his website.

Flying View

Flying View Entry

Flying View Interior

Flying View Concept

This next suspended structure is a 20 pound tent that can be setup in as little as 10 minutes. It’s called the Tentsile Stingray and it costs about $1350 (check website for current pricing). It’s the creation of treehouse architect and inventor Alex Shirley-Smith. It just needs three trees (anchors) and uses heavy duty ratchet straps to create the tension needed suspend the tent.

The production model became available in March of 2013 and was developed in partnership with product designer Kirk Kirchev. It can sleep/suspend three adults and their gear. They suggest suspending it about 4 feet above the ground for easy access but it can be placed higher in the trees.

Tentsile Stingray

Tentsile Stingray in Trees

Tentsile Stingray Village

If you have seen any other cool suspended tiny living spaces, please email me links at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Also… thanks for Oliver Swann at Natural Homes for the Flying View tip!

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