Sheldon Designs – House Plan Sale Starting Next Week

If you’re on Andy Sheldon’s email list you probably just got an email from him announcing a big house plan sale starting next week. He’s the architect behind Sheldon Designs and has been designing big, small, and tiny houses for over 25 years. Here are some samples from his catalog:

You can download the free catalog at his website He’s also added a quick way to buy the plans online. But the best news was that if you get on his email list now you’ll be able to see which plans are going on sale next week. If you’ve been wanting a set of Andy’s tiny house plans it sounds like next week will be the time to buy. Photo credit Andy Sheldon.

Saphire Cabin Free Study Plan

Architect Andy Sheldon has posted another free small house study plan on his website, This little house is the Saphire Cabin, a very traditional design based on a 20′ by 20′ footprint. It has two floors, 400 square feet upstairs and 182 square feet downstairs, making the total size 582 square feet. It has two 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. The porches add another 320 square feet in front and in back. You can buy the plans from Andy for $149. I’ve bought plans from Andy before and he puts them in the mail very quickly and the plans are very high quality. Photo credit Andy Sheldon.

Another great place to look for tiny house plans is on Kent’s Tiny House Blog. He has a page dedicated to tiny house plans.