Innovative Orphanage Design in Thailand

Soe Ker Tie House exterior

This is an incredibly innovate orphanage design by TYIN, a student-run Norwegian non-profit organization focused on developing humanitarian architecture. Soe Ker Tie House is one of four projects recently completed in Thailand near the border with Burma. The design is the result of working closely with the local people and a utilization of local materials. The bamboo for the huts was harvested just a few kilometers from the building site. Some of the primary design challenges centered around collecting rainwater, natural cooling, and finding a safe way to handle sewage.

I’m especially impressed by how such sculptural forms could also be so utilitarian. It seems like every time you turn around you find another extreme architectural design that forgets that form must follow function. These little buildings don’t seem to leave anyone behind. In fact they are also a good reminder that a home doesn’t necessarily need to be complex or expensive to be incredible valuable. They are also a testament to the fact that a little clever design and craftsmanship can add a whole lot to the quality of life. Image credit to TYIN.

Soe Ker Tie House children

Soe Ker Tie House wall window

Soe Ker Tie House interior

Soe Ker Tie House

Soe Ker Tie House orphanage

Soe Ker Tie House rain water collection