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The Light Box

“The Light Box”- a tiny house on wheels that was group-built at Deek’s hands-on building workshop in November.

The following is a guest post by: Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Hey all, I just wanted to share with you a few photos of a translucent wall I built in a three-season tiny cabin on wheels, that I’ve dubbed “The Light Box”, for obvious reason. By doubling a layer of this white Tuftex roofing, and leaving an air void in between, I could effectively create a somewhat insulated wall, but for my purposes, I don’t yet need that. Also keep in mind, small spaces are VERY EASY to heat, and this cabin, without the loft, is only 45 square feet in size- TINY!

Anyway, this is the front wall/window (very cost effective) of a tiny house we worked on at last months’s Relaxshacks.com Tiny House Building Workshop in MA that I hosted (we have another HANDS-ON one coming up in North Carolina too, which I’ll mention below). The overall idea was to make this front wall almost art-like at night when illuminated, and the reverse during the day, when light came into the small space and lit the interior. The roofing is affixed to a 2by6 frame (the supports also serve as a ladder to the loft) with hex-head, neoprene-washer, screws, and they’re beyond easy to drive. I’ve never seen a “light box” wall like this before, but was inspired to try it out after I used this type white poly roofing on an A-frame shelter/tree house I recently built for an upcoming DIY Network show that I’m now hosting, designing-for, and building for. I’ve also been very busy sketching, designing, and building, for an upcoming follow-up to my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks“- if you have cabins, forts, tree houses, tiny houses, or playhouses that you built, or photographed, I’d love to see them and possibly include them in the book- email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Anyway, the wall has worked out, and I like it so much that I plan on using this same approach on a tree house I’ll be building for someone down the road. With a material this light, in tree house applications, you can actually pre-build entire wall sections of your project, and then single-handedly hoist them up to you platform. This saves a ton of time, not to mention avoids some dangerous aerial work.

As for the other workshop…..   April 26th-28th – Wilmington, North Carolina – Three Days of HANDS-ON building, guest speakers, a trip to a tiny house most likely, demos, campfire discussions, and much MORE! www.Relaxshacks.com has all the sign-up details. We’ll also film some of this build for Make Magazine and my youtube show “Tiny Yellow House”.

Steven Harrell of TinyHouseListings.com and TinyHouseSwoon.com is also co-hosting this event….AND We just added tiny house dweller/builder Laura LaVoie as one of our guest speakers (MANY more to come!).

We’ll all be building a small 100 square foot guest cottage together, and trying some new, funky, unusual, and daring designs and approaches- I can’t wait! Click HERE for workshop sign-up info.

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Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen, author of the book Humble Homes, Simple Shacks shares the DIY nature of tiny houses on Yahoo this weekend. Deek gives a tour of several of his tiny house creations including a in-process treeless treehouse he’s nicknames the Lollipop Fort Of Death, or L.F.O.D for short. This video has over one million views already so I’m guessing there are a bunch more people wondering what the heck this tiny house thing is all about.

Just in case you’re one in that million take a quick read through our Tiny House Frequently Asked Questions and then pop on over to Tiny House Living and subscribe to the daily newsletter you’ll find there (you can unsubscribe anytime).

On a somewhat related note, don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of my book, Tiny House Floor Plans. There are just a couple days left to enter.

Read more about Deek’s YouTube appearance at Relaxshacks.com

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Derek “Deek” Diedricksen has posted the 5th episode of Tiny Yellow House, his growing show on YouTube that features tiny living spaces. In this episode Deek shares the tiny cabin in Vermont he built with his brother, family, and friends. It was built with very little money and includes a lot of reclaimed and local building materials. You can read more about this cabin here on Tiny House Design.

Deek is also the author/illustrator of a book called, “Humble Homes Simple Shacks…” and you can follow his antics on his blog at relaxshax.wordpress.com.

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This video is packed with reviews of tiny & simple living books. What I like about Deek is that he’s a strait-shooter and pulls no punches – while remaining a jokster to the core. He also has an amazing taste in clothes (notice the hat).

If you don’t know Deek… he’s the tiny house guy (and comic relief) behind the every-growing YouTube channel Tiny Yellow House and author of Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…

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Derek Diedricksen has a new episode out of Tiny Yellow House. This time it features one of his latest micro house creations called The Boxy Lady. In addition to providing a place to sleep it can also double as a curbside vending booth.

If you happen to be near Scituate, MA this coming Thursday (August 26, 2010) at 7:00 p.m., you should stop by The Front Street Book Shop. Derek will be there with The Boxy Lady which is now sporting some yet to be seen features. He’ll also be doing a demo on redneck window construction, as well as talking about his book and designs.

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Derek Diedricksen just posted a new video of an interview he shot in Florida with Alex Pino, the fellow behind Tiny House Talk. Derek runs a blog called Relaxshax’s Blog and has been busy producing a show on YouTube called Tiny Yellow House.

In the video Alex provides a little background information on how he got started blogging about the tiny house movement and reports having a tiny house ebook on the way that will contain resource and reference information on tiny houses.

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Derek “Deek” Diedricksen and Peter King were featured on NPR this past weekend. Both Deek and Peter are located in New England. Deek has a book out which I’ve reviewed in the past, titled Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…, and is also publishing a show on YouTube called Tiny Yellow House. Peter teaches regular workshops in Vermont. Below is a video that features Peter.

Read and Listen to the full story at NPR

Photo of Peter King by Kirk Kardashian. Photo of Derek Diedricksen by Bruce Bettis.

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Of course we’re crazy… after all we admire (or are) people that live in 100 square feet or less. Take my friend Derek “Deek” Diedricksen for example… he’s the author of a homespun tiny house book with what could be the longest book title ever. It’s called, Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts (And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here!). If the book title isn’t enough evidence of eccentricity take a look at this recent video that shows off the pages of the book:

All kidding aside, the reason tiny housers seem extreme is only because living simply in small spaces has not been the typical dream sold in malls and on television. One would think that those that think outside the norm would be considered thought leaders and innovators… but alas… we’re stuck with the crazy label for now.

Luckily more and more people are coming around to the idea that less really is more sustainable (environmentally & economically) and that the oddballs my actually have caught onto something here.

A good example of this trend is that Mimi Zeiger is working on her second book on tiny homes. You can find her first book, Tiny Houses, on Amazon. At this very moment she’s busily putting on the finishing touches and oddly enough crazy guys like Deek and I may actually end up on the pages. We’ve both sent off our project photos and have our fingers crossed she doesn’t come to her senses anytime soon. Thanks again Mimi!!!

Above are a few photos that you might see in Mimi’s upcoming book. That’s Deek at his tiny cabin in Vermont.

You might also want visit his YouTube Channel, and watch the first three episodes of his show called Tiny Yellow House.

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This is the jam band episode of Tiny Yellow House. Derek Diedricksen and guitarist Bill/William Bracken, from Age Against The Machine, (Rage Tribute Act from Boston, MA), let loose and have some fun in Derek’s tiny Gypsy Junker. There are also a couple out-take videos featuring Derek and Bill playing some Journey and a drum solo by Derek. The tiny house tie-in with this episode is tiny house sized instruments.

Personally, now I’m waiting for the tiny yellow house album. Rock on Deek! :-)

Be sure to follow Derek’s antics at RelaxShax.

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In this episode of Tiny Yellow House Derek “Deek” Diedricksen highlights the Gypsy Junker, a micro house made from reclaimed and recycled junk. It features a waste vegetable oil heater, wine bottle windows, sleeping space for 2 comfortably or 3 in a pinch. To learn more about this house and Derek’s book visit his blog, RelaxShax.

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Derek “Deek” Diedricksen just sent me a link to his brand new video that shows off his Hickshaw tiny house. It’s the first of what looks like many videos Deek plans to put together and I think you’ll agree it’s a really well done segment. Watch out HGTV, here comes Deek! To learn more about this house and his book visit his blog, RelaxShax.