Helsinki Cabin

Helsinki Cabin - Exterior

This small cabin was designed by Verstas Architects and is located just outside of Helsinki. It’s a modern Mökki, a traditional Finnish summer cottage. It’s heated by wood and has views to a bay through the expansive windows up front.

Inside you’ll find built-in furniture can be transformed from seating space to sleeping space and a small sleeping loft for children. The kitchen’s floor is a step down from the main living space with a bit of shoe storage below the step – a clever way of keeping the floors clean – and a nice dual use for the kitchen. The cabin has 14 square meters (150 square feet) of living space.

What I don’t see is a bathroom. In the cross section drawing (below) a shed roofed space is visible on the back of the cabin. I’m not sure if that’s a shed, bathroom, tiny sauna (common companion to a Mökki), utility room, or just storage.

Photos by Rauno Träskelin. To see more visit Verstas Architects.

Helsinki Cabin - Sleeping Options Helsinki Cabin - Seating Options Helsinki Cabin - Kitchen Helsinki Cabin - Interior

Helsinki Cabin - Cross Section