Simple Solar Homesteading Videos

Lamar Alexander, the fellow behind Simple Solar Homesteading, has been busy publishing videos of his tiny home and homestead on his Solar Cabin YouTube Channel. Below are three examples of the kind of videos you’ll find there.

  • The first shows the construction of his 14′ by 14′ cabin
  • The second provides details on his low cost solar electric system
  • The third that shows the final installation of a new wind turbine he recently installed.

Lamar also sells a printed book and an ebook that shows how to setup your own homestead. To learn more visit Simple Solar Homesteading.

Simple Solar Homesteading

I’ve written about this Simple Solar Homestead before but LaMar has made some improvements to his website including the addition of videos and photos of cabins built from the plans in his book. His book is called Simple Solar Homesteading and its 196 pages and costs $19.95. He also sells a $5 ebook called Off-Grid Solar Power.

The  structure of the 14′ by 14′ cabin below can be built for about $2,000 in materials. His book is packed with all sorts of ways to live off-the-grid on a low budget. Back in 2008 I bought an earlier version of this book (as an ebook) and was amazed with all the information inside. It’s exciting to see LaMar expanding his online content and offering and update to his already amazing book.

Visit Simple Solar Homesteading

Photo credit to LaMar Alexander.

Update: The day after I posted this LaMar posted this great little video slide show of how this little cabin was built.

Book Review: Simple Solar Homesteading by LaMar Alexander H.E.S.

For five bucks Lamar’s ebook Simple Solar Homesteading is a bargain. You can also order a print copy for $15 plus shipping but buying the ebook pdf version will give you quicker access to the information. I ordered the book yesterday through the paypal link on LaMar’s website and he emailed me the book this morning. I haven’t read through each section yet but scanned through the whole thing reading the parts that interested me most. It’s like a little encyclopedia of great information on homesteading on the cheap.

Update: I’m not sure this version of this ebook is still available since I first posted this review in August 2008. Lamar now has a bigger and better version of the ebook content available (but now in print) and offers a $5 ebook on off-grid solar.

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