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Except for a few minor details Jonathan’s tiny house, a Tumbleweed Fencl, is complete and has left Flint, Michigan. His new temporary home is a well-keptĀ wooded campground on a lake. The only drawback seems to be the tours… yep… tours. His tiny house has rapidly become quite an attraction and his new neighbors are just itching to take a peek inside his tiny home. Some have even warned him that they’re bringing back friends for a look.

Jonathan did a great job documenting the entire construction process on his blog and it’s loaded with great stuff any future tiny house owner-builder would want to know.

Congratulations Jonathan… definitely a major milestone!

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Tonight I ran across the story of a fellow in Flint, Michigan that is building a Tumbleweed Fencl. The Fencl is an 8′ by 19′ tiny house on a trailer designed by Jay Shafer. The interior square footage is just 130 square feet and the plan features an open main room with a sleeping loft over the kitchen and bath.

His house is coming along nicely and he’s posted many photos and notes on his blog. Like many people interested in building and living in tiny houses Gungadin is looking for a better life through sustainability and simplicity. Here is how he describes his current thinking:

“Lately, my interests have turned “green.” I’m trying to get away from the current consumptive lifestyle and go toward a no-impact one, and eventually a positive-impact one. Nature doesn’t need humans any more than I need my bike… but I can get around a lot faster on my bike, and nature can recover a lot faster with help from people. Problem is, most peeps aren’t helping.”

Looks great Gungadin, I’m looking forward to following your progress!

Gungadin’s Tumbleweed Fencl

Photo credit to Gungadin.

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A few days ago Bob from Michigan (just west of Detroit) sent me these photos of the tiny house he’s building. Like many of us Bob’s interest in tiny houses is emerging from things like the rising cost of housing, restrictive zoning laws, and consumerism.

In his email he says… and I couldn’t have said it better myself:

“My grandparents raised 5 kids in a small house but they always had food in the table and clothes on their back. If the world would worry more about helping their neighbors instead of having more than them, we would be in good shape.”

Thanks Bob… and if you find any more time to tell us how it’s going up there… especially as the weather turns cold… we’d love to hear about it.