Patrick’s Pallet House on Wheels

Back in September I reported on a pallet house being built by a fellow in Lakeland, Florida named Patrick. He’s using discarded shipping pallets for the walls and has framed the roof with conventional lumber. This was a very wise choice and should make the roof much safer.

At every opportunity he’s scrounging low cost and free building materials. For example he found a perfectly good air conditioner left on the curb as trash, scored some free vinyl siding from a friend, bought 13 sheets of tin roofing off craigslist for just $25 a sheet, and a found a bathtub for $20.

At the speed he’s working it looks like he might be done by the end of the year. Great work Patrick!


Pallet House Workshop hosted by New Jura Natural Building in Waller, Texas

The folks at New Jura Natural Building will be hosting a pallet house building workshop beginning on November 1st in Waller, Texas. They will be covering the following topics:

  • Pallet walls
  • Slip straw
  • Earthen plastering
  • Rainwater capturing
  • Grey water
  • Recycled materials

For more details visit the New Jura Natural Building website.

What’s a pallet house?

It’s a house built from recycled shipping pallets. Pictured below is an example of a pallet house under construction. It’s my tiny free pallet house, which is still under construction. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll host a pallet house building workshop myself.

Pallet House Exhibit in Nelson, BC

A couple days ago I posted news of a tiny house design competition hosted by the Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History. The design competition is part of a larger exhibit called Shelter: How We Live.

For the exhibit, Rod (Museum Curator), designed and built the pallet house you see here for a total of CDN $60. It was prefabricated in the alley beside the museum and assembled inside. The pallets themselves came from a location just 1 1/2 blocks. At the end of the exhibit they plan to give the pallet structure away to someone local so it can be reused as a studio, woodshed, or whatnot.

To learn more about this tiny pallet house visit the Shelter: How We Live blog. If you’re in Nelson, BC, Canada you can see this exhibit in person between September 18, 2010 and November 14, 2010.

Thanks for sharing this with us Rod. Great little pallet house!