8×16 Free House Plans Coming Along Nicely

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback on my first post of this 8×16 tiny house plan. It was really great to see it through more eyes. I was also able to incorporate many of the suggestions and have really landed on something I think should be pretty nice.

The tiny house configuration that seemed most in demand was a passive solar house that’s permanently attached to a trailer. It resembles two other non-Tumbleweed tiny houses we’ve seen built by Steve and Elizabeth. A shed roof has several advantages over a gable roof. It allows for a taller open loft and one wall with high and low windows. In the summer when less direct sunlight is desired the house can  be turned away from the sun.

When the full set of drawings is complete I put it all into one downloadable PDF document for easy printing. Just like the last set of free plans these will be made available free under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. But for now here is a peek at the first three drawings. Each image is can be clicked on for a closer look.

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