The Smallest House in Italy

The Smallest House in Italy - Down Below

At just 75 square feet this little house, designed by Marco Pierazzi, occupies a tiny spot in an alley near Castel Sant’Angelo and St. Peter’s Square in Rome. While the floorspace was minimal, Marco took advantage of the height and built a loft layer above the kitchen/living area. A tiny bathroom is tucked into the back of the home.

The loft bed turns into a sofa during the day and a trap door, leading to a small staircase, can be lowered to increase the upstairs floorspace. But as you can see from the photos this small space isn’t just about utility, it’s decked out in fine Italian style.

The linked article reports:

“Architect and designer Marco Pierazzi saw the potential in an abandoned, one-room alleyway house just steps from Roman landmarks like the Pantheon and Saint Peter’s Square. He bought it, fixed it up, and lived there with his wife until their child was born. Pierazzi now rents what he calls the “smallest house in Italy” to friends, acquaintances, and tourists, making it a convenient place to stay on a Roman holiday.” – Yahoo Finance

See more of The ‘Smallest House in Italy’. Photos by Matteo Rossi.

Below: Front door, and only side with windows.
The Smallest House in Italy - Looking in Front Door

Below: Main living area with the table folded away. Notice the bathroom in the back.

The Smallest House in Italy - Table Down - Bathroom Door Open

Below: Now the table is out and ready for a meal.

The Smallest House in Italy - Kitchen Dining

Below: A peek down below through the loft’s trap door.

The Smallest House in Italy - Down the Stairs

Below: The loft in bed mode.

The Smallest House in Italy - Bed Loft

Below: The loft in sofa mode.

The Smallest House in Italy - Sofabed Loft

Complete Mini Kitchens

YesterTec Complete Mini Kitchen

Building a tiny house kitchen can be time consuming depending on your carpentry skills and what you choose to put into it. Costs can skyrocket if you have expensive tastes and hire professionals to help. One option is to get a complete prebuilt kitchen unit – although even these range in price from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

For example the Kitchen Armoire pictured here costs about $8,000, and it’s probably a best in class example. When not in use it hides away behind elegant cabinetry and contains a sink, refrigerator, convection oven/microwave, and ceramic cooktop. The cooktop and oven are also setup to shut down when the cabinet doors are closed as a safety precaution. As you scroll down the page you’ll find less expensive options.

The benefit of an all-in-one kitchen for a tiny house is that your cost is fixed and the time to install is shorter. The disadvantage is that you won’t have as many choices as a kitchen you build yourself. At the end of the day it is something to consider designing into your tiny house project.

YesterTec Complete Mini Kitchen - open 2


Above: YesterTec Kitchen Armoire


gallery kitchen design micro kitchen


Above: Micro Modular Kitchen

Johns Strand Hideaway Kitchen


Above: Hideaway Kitchen

Avanti Compact Kitchen

Above: Avanti Compact Kitchen

Tiny House Kitchen Designs


Pinterest is a great tool for creating photo collections. I’ve made some topic specific boards for things like bedrooms, bathrooms, and interiors. When noodling through future design ideas it’s nice to be able to see what other people have done. You can find all my Tiny House Design boards on Pinterest.

If you’d like to play with your own floor plan layout ideas give my free Print & Cut Worksheet a try. You just print it out with your own printer or have it printed at Kinkos on cardstock like I did. Then cut out the shapes and play with floor plan ideas.

Top photo by Ziggy from Below are more examples from the tiny house kitchens board on Pinterest.

shabby chic tiny retreat

Photo above by Shabby Chic Tiny Retreat.

Tennessee Tiny Homes Pawaws Cabin

Photo above by Tennessee Tiny Homes. This might win the award for the smallest kitchen.

Mendy's Tiny House Kitchen

Photo above by Tennessee Tiny Homes.


tiny texas

Photo above of a kitchen by Tiny Texas Houses. Photo credit to Mother Earth Living.


Photo above of an Airsteam kitchen.


Photo above of a small house kitchen in Berkeley. Love the ships ladder.

ikea kitchen

Photo above is an IKEA inspired kitchen.

See more examples from the tiny house kitchens board on Pinterest.