Tiny Student Housing in Sweden

Lund Apartment - Exterior

This is a 94 square foot experiment. The idea is simple – students don’t need much space because they spend so much time away from their apartments and they often have little money, so their housing can be small and must be low-cost. The project was constructed by AF Bostäder (AFB), Lund’s building foundation, and has a three years to perform the experiment – which is essentially to prove that a tiny house can be habitable.

The cost of the apartment may be as low as $370 a month. Inside you’ll find a tiny kitchen with dining area, a bathroom with toilet and shower, and a sleeping loft with study area below. AFB wanted to build more of these tiny houses but their proposal was rejected. The main issues in question are accessibility and that the concept does not comply with current building standards.

But the apartment has been in high demand – so apparently the students thinks it’s a good fit. I like to hear that more housing agencies are working to get approval for tiny buildings like these. The more municipalities that approve small scale housing the better. For more see the AFB website, and this article at The Local.

Photos by Jan Nordén

Lund Apartment - Floor Plan Lund Apartment - Exterior 2 Lund Apartment - Living Space and Loft Lund Apartment Kitchen


  1. Very nice home but the idea he came up with presenting it as a trial is an interesting concept. Builders should look at presenting similar ideas to community planners and council around trade schools or industrial areas on a trial basis, possibly infill lots or other vacant present non residential land to see how far they could go with the idea. This may prove to be a foot in for TH’ers on trailers. Who knows they may even consider it for a piece of the city zoned residential presently hosting derelict and abandon homes where the municipality has foreclosed for taxes? If I was a developer, I would be looking into that one. A city lot of approx 45×100 would host 4 of these with space around them without looking terrible. As a matter of fact it would be an improvement. Just depends on how it is presented.

  2. D

    To get 94 square feet, the dimensions should be about 7′ 8″ x 12′ 3″. I can’t figure what units the drawing dimensions are in. The short dimension being 3000, one would think that it couls be mm. That would be 3 M or about 10′ which just does not seem to work with the info given. Can you shed any light on my dilemma?

    I am currently finishing an 8 x 16 study/office/workspace in my back yard. As close as I have come to a tiny house. It is more utilitarian than most of the tiny houses that I have seen, but it will be wired, insulated, heated and cooled.

  3. 3990mmx2190mm=8.7381 m2

    Then google this “8.7381 square meters in square feet”

    And you get 94 square feet.

    But correct me if my math is wrong. I’d be happy to fix the post. Thanks!

  4. A

    it’s 94 square feet of usable space. I believe David was doing the math using the exterior measures.

  5. E

    Interesting, the walls are pretty thick on this so I should think it’s well sound insulated as well as temperature insulated. The heating system is interesting, I know that Lund has a very well established centralalised district heating system so I suspect this is hooked up to this possibly via the neighbouring buildings heat exchanger which would negate the need for a boiler unit within the tiny house thereby saving space. Lund students are well accustomed to sleeping in small rooms with the Lund Train Hostel (which was a very busy old train parked in a siding with the sleeping car beds rented out for the night http://www.trainhostel.com/eng/) and there has been a major housing shortage for students since long before I studied there in 2004. So this would appear to make perfect sense in being able to utilise small free spaces around town.

  6. J

    It looks better then the place I lived as a student. Maybe if he built 50 on top of each other he could make some money from it as well :)

  7. R

    The 3000 by 4800 is the outside dimention or most likely the slab size.

  8. R

    This is great and very affordable. I really like it as a former student this alleviates the need for a roommate but, gives you enough room to have a “snuggle buddy”. Plus it looks very comfortable. I think more should be built plus have some built in the US.

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