Turtle Tuff Shelters

Turtle Tuff Shelters builds affordable geodesic dome survival shelter kits. They are a bit more like tents than a full-time homes but seem like a potential alternative to a yurt. They come in two sizes, 16-foot and 24-foot, and cost between $1,200 and $3,400.  The frame can be assembled in a couple hours by two people and weights between 200 and 450 pounds.

To keep the price low the sturdy cover material is not cut to fit a dome but is left rectangular instead. But once it’s all staked and tied down the covered steel frame structure can withstand 150 mile per hour winds. Also available is an insulation kit and an optional portable wood stove.

I don’t have any personal experience with this product, but it looks promising. Turtle Tuff Shelters is located in Orem, Utah.


  1. T

    Pretty incredible how you can hang heavy things inside. They do seem really sturdy and price is super reasonable. Cool!

  2. d

    please send everything(!) on the tuff shelters. want to do something this sumer.

  3. T

    I have a 24ft Turtle Tuff Shelter for sell. Anyone interested. Contact me. It is brand new and in the box.

    Thanks for your interest. – Teresa

  4. Have you tried posting it online at http://tinyhouselistings.com ?

  5. d

    I love it, one can live the way one wants… I like living on a dirt road with a big dog and some chickens…Playing my music loud and not seeing my neighbors….

  6. C

    Is your Turtle Tuff still available?

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