Updated Pioneer’s Cabin Framing Plans

I just posted an updated version of the Pioneer’s Cabin Framing Plans. The main improvements in this update are:

  1. The addition of a lumber materials list;
  2. An lookout framing improvement to the eaves;
  3. End-wall sheathing improvement.

The Pioneer’s Cabin measures 16-feet wide by 20-feet deep. The roof has a 12/12 pitch. A 10-foot deep loft covers half the second level. The price of the plans is unchanged from the original $9.95. Learn more about the Pioneer’s Cabin. You might also be curious to see some floor plan ideas for a 16′x20′ tiny house.

I’ve also sent updates out to everyone that has previously purchased a set of these plans. If you purchased these plans in the past and did not receive your updated download link please email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required. Thanks!

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