Updated Tiny House Design Facebook Page

Facebook is updating their fan page user interface. I chose to update the Tiny House Design Facebook Fan Page before their March 30 deadline but wanted to give you a quick tour of how it works. Some regular Facebook users will recognize the new timeline view and will not need this overview – but I suspect most Facebook users will appreciate it. If you don’t do Facebook this post is probably not for you.

The best new feature is the cover image that appears at the top of the fan page. It’s nice to be able to brand the page better, and set a more appropriate tone for the page.

The worst new feature, in my humble opinion, is the left/right split timeline (a.k.a. the list of posts). The new design doesn’t clearly show a simple list of posts. Instead it gives the end user ways to filter and view the posts – requiring the user to work harder to figure things out.

In any event everyone that uses Facebook will soon be running into this new user interface soon.

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  1. c

    Looks awesome I really like what you did with the cover photo.

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