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Cherokee Cabin Company – Tiny House Plans

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Another place to find tiny house plans and design ideas is the Cherokee Cabin Company. The house designs range from 144 square feet to just under 800 square feet and the plans range in price from $25 to $40 plus shipping. Plans include drawings of the floor plan with electric details, foundation, front elevation, right side elevation, left side elevation, rear elevation, and a scaled building or wall section. Plans are suitable for submission to your local building department but like with all stock plans you may want to consult local building codes for specifics like foundation footing depth. These plans do not include a material list.

Pictured above is the Whitehorse II. It’s 236 square feet on the first floor and has a 142 square foot loft. The porch is 52 square feet. It’s a very simple traditional design with a small kitchen and bathroom downstairs. The sleeping loft is assessable via a ladder. You’ll also find photos of some completed homes on the Cherokee Cabin Company website that have been submitted by people who have built these tiny homes. Photo credit Cherokee Cabin Company.


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  1. You don’t need a tank hot water heater. An on demand system for one or two people will easily fit under the sink in the in either the kitchen or bath. Mine hangs on the wall under my kitchen sink and leaves room for “long term” storage. As for a fuse box, I have one breaker in my house since I have minimal electic useage, only a fridge, small lights and my laptop.

  2. If this house is raised, how does one keep the pipes from freezing? I'm thinking of northern MT. Thanks– kit

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