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Micro Gambrel

Our newest free plan is this Micro Gambrel. It measures 8-feet long and 7’4″ wide – which is just right for adapting to a trailer for a mobile micro house. The plans shows how to build the gambrel roof as well as the rest of the building. Use this as a shed, home office, or micro house. Extend the length and use it as a tiny house.

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Below are the free tiny house plans available at Tiny House Design. Your feedback is welcome and the plans are updated when improvements are added. The latest versions will be posted here for easy access so be sure to bookmark this page.

12×24 Homesteader’s Cabin v.2

This is the largest tiny house design you’ll find here. It is 12-wide and 24-feet long. The walls are 12-feet high and it has a 12/12 pitch roof. The tall walls and steep roof gives this a very useful loft. Download PDF Version

8X12 Tiny House v.1

This is a classic tiny house with a 12/12 pitched roof. The walls are 2×4 and the floor and roof are 2×6. Download PDF Version

5×8 Tiny Market House v.1

This house is intended to be used as a display for artisans at crafts fairs. It could also be adapted for any micro business that needs a small portable building. It’s footprint might be too small to serve as a real tiny house but it might make a nice weekend camping trailer for one or two people. Download PDF Version

8×8 Tiny House v.3

This is a simple building intended to be be built on a simple foundation, like concrete piers. It has a loft above the main living area, a tiny wet bath, and kitchen. This would make a nice tiny cabin or with some interior layout modifications, a nice backyard office or studio. Download PDF Version

8×16 Tiny Solar House v.2

This is a tiny house on a trailer designed to be lived in full-time. It’s designed to be built easily and at a low cost. The plans include a loft large enough for a queen size mattress, a bathroom complete with a shower and composting toilet. The main living are can be configured to the owner-builders needs. Download PDF Version

8×20 Solar House with Gables v.1

This house has no loft but is long enough for a murphy bed downstairs. It’s similar to the 8×16 solar house but has two gable ends. Download PDF Version

These house plans were not prepared by or checked by a licensed engineer and/or architect. does not represent or imply itself to be a licensed engineer and/or a licensed architect. Enjoy these free house plans but use them at your own risk. House plans licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License



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  3. Kent hakari

    I purchased your plans for the Calpella Cabin and I want to make some adjustments to the design. I’m using Google Sketchup and your YouTube videos to learn how to move things around, but I don’t know how to make the trailer smaller. In your videos you have a 20′ trailer. Do you have a template for a 16′ trailer? I tried altering the 20′, but I’m doing well enough just to get the framing members, and am not able to accurately alter the trailer. Thanks, Kent Hakari

    1. Richard

      This is just a suggestion. If you are set on a 16′ house and have a 20′ trailer. Why not simply add a storage shed on the remaining 4′ ?

  4. gary

    There was a plan you said you would be working on that i believe was a 7 x 12 with an unusal roof line. Any news on that ?

  5. russell

    I was not all that happy with this book BackYard Sheds& Tiny Houses. I was hope that there was a better break down on the different parts of the houses. The utility modules, washroom, kitchenettes. I needed to know how to take and tie a panel with solar & wind power to the box. Put a backup gen to all of that. I have found a trailer that is 40 feet long. That is double the lenght of the fencil right now. The reason is so I can make a house on one side and a shop on the other side. Oh and the free plans that I was to get for get the book I can not find for the Zinn. thank you.

    1. Billy

      It depends on how you have your wind power and solar . For example I have a power company thats hooked to mine , However after they inspected the box , etc, I made additions . First off the building is wired for 110 volts AC and 12 volts DC . I used regular house wireing for both in case something happened to one I had the other as back up . For example , Im useing Solar , Battery Standard power company , as well as a Fuel powered Geny . The power company and the Geny is hooked to the 110volts AC wireing and i use a Throw Box or Swtch box to alternate between the 2 . The 12volt DC system is shared with Solar and Batteries and is Switchable , Generally I will not run straight Solar as its used to keep the batteries charged . Also between the 12volt system and the 120 lies a power inverter , I can cut power from the geny and power company and run the 120 circuit off the inverter if need be , however there is a throw switch before the inverter and after the inverter for safety reasons . Now I will complicate things a little more , My Geny puts out 120volts AC and 220 AC as well it has a 12Volt DC connector for charging a Battery or can be used on the 12 volt circuit in the building or to Run the Power Inverter . I also have a Portable 12volt geny , It is nothing but a small 3hp gas powered edger with a simple Alternater mounted to it and a small Auto battery or you can use a Motorcycle battery instead of an Auto battery to save money , weight and space . also Anything that charges the Batteries has a regulater on it so the batteries dont get over charged . However the small 3hp gas unit utilizes a simple 1978 GM alternater with a built in regulater so its one less regulater i have to worry about . I can also use the small 3hp Alternater geny to run the power inverter .

  6. ann collins

    interested in building a 12ft.homesteader cabin, small house, what plans do I need? you can send me info. by email. thanks.

  7. Chrystal Davis

    I have a 12 x 24 cabin I have done all the work my self like the electrical, insulatin, walls etc. Im wanting to do an addition a 12 x 20 on one side to have a kitchen and a bathroom. 4 foot of the length is a porch thats why Im making it 12 x 20. Do you have any plans for an addition? I have never done any framing so I really don’t know where to start, I have been trying to do this for over a year now and I’m at a loss. I forgot the walls are 8 foot high and it sits on concret blocks if that helps any. If you have any ideas I would be very greatful.

  8. Marie Clevenger

    Where are the free complimentary plans for Zinn, for ordering The book, Backyard Sheds & Tiny Houses.

  9. Richfrog

    Where is the link to the micro gambrel plans? I’d love to see them in more detail.
    I subscribed already.

  10. Tracie

    I have been looolking at tiny house for about a year now. I lately ran across a man who says this county calveras and tuolumne say that you can’t do anything with a a container. No plumbing whats so ever heavens no the woman told him, then a man came in and sweet talked her she knew him and he says i want to build a garage and turn it into a mother in-laws quarters what do I do, he gets the oh just come in when your ready sweetie and I’ll fix you right up, then back to my friend and NO you can’t do anything with out this and that permit. It appears that I am not going to be able to make a tiny house. It seems pointless is a county won’ t let you even install a sink without a permit. how are you all doing it!!?? I live in CA. I am living in a room at my daughters and expecting a settlment for a bad injury and want to build or have built a tiny house that is big enough for one and maybe two if I am so lucky to find someone to share my life with. I will need to act fast if the settlement goes thru. Do I need land? and if so how do I do it so that i don’t have to have permits? I just want it big enough to live in full time, and my bedroom a queen downstairs. I havemany ideas but don'[t know where to begin till I get some money of course, buit do I make it to roll is that the secret or put it on a foundation? Then it’s just like stick house so what’s the differnece?How and who will help me build one I am a single disable woman with a little 5 lb dog to go with the tiny house and my stuff not much is in storage and I have to have my money spent and the house built to live in 3 months then back onto ssi and pray I don’t get sick in the mean time,,or away it goes. I want to help build it but being disabled and such I will need help. I’ve learned to simplify living in this little room I’m in but my daughter is preg and with her bo and they need this room. I might be ready to roll in the dead of winter which is ok to. I come from snow country and can put on the winters and help. But which is better getting a trailer and how much and where do you get them and where can I afford to live in Ca close to my daughter with the baby but be able to move it if need be? or is it better to get some property I don;t want much as that is more taxes I will have to pay and such, so i want if off the grid. Please led me in some kind of direction please… Tracie I don'[t want to end up homeless I am too ill for that.

    1. Julian

      move to canada. if you build your house on a trailer, there is plenty of crown land available. grow your own fruits andvegetables , harvest sticks for a rocket stove, hunt your own deer, trap your own rabbit, fish your own bass.

    2. Edward Thompson

      Put it on a trailer and its an RV, so you only need to follow a few simple rules. Check out .

  11. Raúl

    Felicitaciones y saludos desde Argentina. Me encantaron los planos,adquirí varios y estoy pensando en construir mi propia Tiny Hause. La primera en Argentina.

  12. Tess

    I saw the show tonight (loved the Princess room painting) but while hearing “you have to plan everything carefully” many times, I didn’t hear much about HOW to plan the interior, making use of nooks and crannies or where to find a hand-crank washer or other tiny appliances. Is there an -Interior-show coming or more to be included in upcoming shows? Thanks

  13. Anne-Marie

    I want to build the 8×8 tiny house on a tree house platform that is only 8’1″ wide. Is 8×8 the finished sq. ft inside or outside? Can the plan be easily modified to 7×8 so I can fit it on the platform?

  14. Dawn Graham

    Hi Michael!! My husband and I are planning to build a tiny house so we can eventually live off the grid and save money to enjoy life with. We have a small daughter, 4. We bought a junk camper that’s 29′ long and we plan to tear it down and use the trailer for our “small” house. Everyone we know thinks were nuts but we will show them. I’d like to have two lofts, one on each side, and one of which will allow my daughter play room and will grow with her. I have so many ideas in my head but no idea how to begin putting them on paper. I’m no architect!! Is it possible to build on such a large trailer with lofts…..height and weight wise? Also, is it possible to do solar, reuse grey water (collect for plants), collect rain water for bathing and such, and not need to connect to any public utilities? My dream is to go to Florida where I’m originally from but I want the option to run like heck if there’s a hurricane or worse on the way? Can you advise any programs that might help us to create plans or how much it might be to hire someone? I’m buying your book because it has some really good idea and well, you’re just awesome!! Thanks for any help you can/want to give. …..our “small” family in WV.

    1. Michael Janzen

      Hi Dawn,

      Old RV trailers can be a good place to start but the original manufacturer probably made it strong enough to support the trailer it was designed to carry. It’s also old and may need repair. So for reclaimed trailers its best to have them looked at by a professional. It may be that the axles, springs, and hitch may need upgrading. A 29-foot tiny house will probably weight over 12,000 pounds too which may require a third axle. The other issue with a big tiny house is hauling capacity of the truck that pulls it. Full size trucks are often rated to pull 12,000 pounds but only really big full size trucks can tow more.

      For all the off-grid solutions (composting toilets, grey water disposal, rainwater collection, power, etc)… the laws/rules/codes/ordinances really depend on where you are and if the building is placed on a foundation or not. If the house is on a trailer a different set of rules (along the lines of an RV) may apply. It’s a grey area and not standardized.

      For example in many areas a composting toilet is not legal, but tossing diapers and other bagged poop is allowed by the garbage collection utility. Sounds crazy but often true. So to stay legal some folks will use a composting toilet and just throw away the compost instead of using it on trees etc. Other folks will install RV-style plumbing systems and dump their waste like a full-time RV-er.

      I use SketchUp to draw things. It’s a 3D drawing program that can be used to make plans too. But it’s a bit tough to learn. Pencil and paper might be the best way to go for most folks.

      Before you build I’d recommend looking at a couple of how-to books and maybe take a workshop.

      Dee Williams Go House Go:
      Dan Louche’s Design & Construction book:

      For folks near you take a look at

      I hope that helps. Good luck!

  15. Joseph

    the 8×20 solar house looks like the house from the TV show tiny house nation and they built a terible copy of it.The lady wasen’t sure of the move and that lame version will kill her oppinion of tiny houses in a snap. it seemed the host were lost as to how to take over the build and never got a handle on what to do with what had been done.oh well i supose a bad example will make folks think more than a good one.

  16. Jac Dickie

    My hubby and I live in Christchurch, NZ. We need accommodation for up to a year while our house is rebuilt. Insurance allows $NZ25, 000 to cover accommodation, storage for 35 yrs of stuff etc. Is this a viable solution? What is average cost to build? Hubby is quite handy as a home DIY carpenter. Can we get more info. Many thanks, Jacqueline

  17. russell

    I’m interested in free plans and ideas and planning to build a tiny house so any thoughts would be great. Thank you

  18. Governor

    While tiny house design is a fantastic idea for travelers (pod hotels, etc.), college students, and retirees – reality is that most people are accustomed to and prefer larger. I constructed my own ‘split shot-gun’ on a 24×40 foot print and could have gone smaller. But, all said and done, hindsight suggests that package housing would have been the easiest and most future expandable option. Need any advice? I made plenty of construction mistakes to share!

    1. Jamar J.

      Do you have any pictures or plans from your build? I’m leaning toward the tiny house design. But I wish I saw more designs that were just a tad bigger. I mean I know guys whose workshops are 20×40. Now that,in my opinion with a 2nd story would be tiny house heaven. Can’t wait to hear from you.

  19. Jennifer Roberts

    Was wondering does anyone know where I can find plans for 10×20 200sf. I always see 8×20’s or 12×20’s never in the middle. I was going with max because I seen somewhere that 200sf if max without having to pay for all the codes stuff if I’m right.

  20. g.g.

    k so question a lot of the plans I see call for leaving top floor open to bottom floor. however I would prefer to do complete floor across and put working stairs in. will this in any way destabilize the integrity of the top floor at any other support bearing aspect of these plans

  21. Lori

    Just a suggestion you should have on your web site prices for how much it is it is for YOU to make the Tiny Houses. I and interested in having one built not building one myself
    Thank you

  22. April Holmquist

    Thank you so much for having these plans posted for free. I have been looking and looking for the perfect plan structure for building and came across your 8′ x 20′ tiny solar house plans and will be using them to build I think. But I need to change a few things and possibly adapt it to either be 22′ or extend the high point in the center to make room for sleeping for both my daughter and I. Do you offer a sketchup model of these plans? I would be willing to purchase it. Again thank you so much for having such an awesome page for tiny house plans this has taken a lot of the fear out of building my own! Please feel free to email me!

  23. junior Valentine

    Wanting to build 12×16 on pre fab shed on acre family land in S Carolina. Have very very limited funds. Have well and septic and power hook up.

  24. Thad Castle

    My tiny home is 16′ wide and 7′ long. I love it! The design and all. My tiny house is so unbelievably cool that I can fit my entire family (5) and a few guests! Given that I make my son sleep in the closet, but that’s okay! Based on my ridiculously low income and physical health, this sustains all of my needs! Awesome job guys!


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