NOMAD Micro Homes

Nomad Micro Homes

The NOMAD is a refreshing new modern micro home built in British Columbia. It measures just 10′ x 10′ and is designed to be shipped worldwide. It arrives unassembled and assembly should be completed by at least two people with at least handyman level building skills.

The design can be used for a variety of functions such as a home, studio, office, guest house, resort accommodations, low-income housing, or even as a disaster relief shelter. The interior configuration can be  tailored to meet your needs. The systems can also be adapted to meet your needs.

Here’s how they describe the origins of this design:

“NOMADs designer Ian Kent has certainly pushed the size limits of a liveable house. By incorporating an innovative staircase and varying ceiling heights as well as maximizing natural light, Ian was able to prevent this home from being claustrophobic. “I knew that effective design could make a space this size feel comfortable. My goal was to produce an efficient yet cozy home with minimal impact on yard space and the environment”. 35 years of design and home-building experience provided the answers.” – NOMAD Micro Homes.

To learn more about this tiny home builder visit the NOMAD Micro Homes website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Nomad Micro Homes - Interior Nomad Micro Homes - View Nomad Micro Homes - Loft Nomad Micro Homes - Loft 2 Nomad Micro Homes - Floor Plan Lower Level Nomad Micro Homes - Floor Plan Upper Level


  1. k

    How about the SW USA

  2. I

    We deliver worldwide. So that would be a yes.


  3. t


    how much I would need to pay in europe?


  4. I

    Costs for shipping to Europe seems to be in the range of $3,000 – $4,000 USD

  5. K

    I want one on wheels i love to travel so staying in different places with my own little house would be fantastic. please send info on costs and everything for one on wheels. i just need it with 2 separate beds for myself and my son.
    thanks cant wait!!

  6. I

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your interest in NOMAD. Sorry, NOMAD only comes flat packed and ready for home-assembly, similar to an Ikea program. Unfortunately, NOMAD’s height and width wouldn’t work under the highway overpasses and lane width. However, we’re developing a design that will, so if you stay tuned to our website (register for updates) we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

  7. j

    hi, im from chile, and i want to make a tinyhouse like this one, you cant send it to chile? and how much costs the tiny house and the shipping?

  8. I

    Hi Josefina,

    We can ship NOMAD worldwide, so sending one to you in Chile is certainly possible. Costs would range between $3,000 – $4,000 USD. Pricing for the various models can be found on the Pricing page of the website.

  9. A


    We love your concept!

    Does the shipping cost you mention (3000-4000 $) also include tax costs?

    Anne & Johan, Norway

  10. L

    IAN, The nomad micro is just a little too small but i am looking for a small home with total living area no larger than 1300 sq ft. Does nomad have something like this? If not is there a partner designer you may know?

  11. C

    I will definitely be purchasing a Nomad in the near future. What is the estimated shipping cost to Australia?
    Thank you

  12. A

    Hello Ian,
    I’m Not a fan of stairs, is there a way of laying the loft & main floor side by side?
    I’m Looking at a main, 2 lofts and a grow. I want to do this in Calgary, AB off the grid as much as possible.
    Do you offer a payment plan as I’m a single mom and funds are SUPER TIGHT!!!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon Ian,
    Have a super day!!!

  13. N

    Hi Ian,
    The house concept is fantastic and i think i want to buy a couple couple.How much would it cost to send to New Zealand,cheers

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