Redefining The Cubicle

peter frazier lifehacker tiny house exterior

This tiny building is the home office of Peter Frazier which overlooks Chuckanut Bay in Bellingham, Washington. It is currently featured on Lifehacker. My boss actually tipped me off to it, Thanks Gene! I imagine Gene took one look at this home office and figured he had stumbled upon what I might consider the perfect home office. He was right.

Ironically, Peter Frazier’s story sounds almost like a mirror of my own. He works from home in the technology world and has worn many of the same hats that I’ve worn like user-interface designer, customer experience researcher, and graphic designer.

He also fell into the trap that the hours, days, and years of sedentary work provides and packed on the pounds. This seems to be a common result of desk-bound jobs. Instead of accepting things as they were Peter changed his lifestyle. In his own words:

Recently I decided that working standing up would help me live a more active life. It’s worked. Along with meditating, running, hiking, and kayaking, working standing up (with hourly interludes of pushups, situps or yoga) I’ve dropped 30 pounds. My thinking is clearer for longer and you’re more likely to find me with things in perspective.

I guess there comes a time when all of us realize that there must be a better way and begin realigning our goals and values. Some of us build tiny pallet houses; others build tiny houses on cliffs. It’s really inspiring to see success stories like Peter’s. Read the complete story on Lifehacker. Photo credit Peter Frazier. Thanks Again Gene!

peter frazier lifehacker tiny house view

peter frazier lifehacker tiny house interior

peter frazier lifehacker tiny house stand up computer station



  1. Seriously, that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’d love to make this into a 2 or 3 room cabin. In that location, of course.

  2. c

    Great great space and connection to nature

  3. X

    I really want to downsize and live closer to my job in B’ham. I have a dog, cat and guinea pig. How do I start my search for that tiny spot of my own?

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