Tiny House Bathrooms

Tiny House Bathroom

One of the bigger tiny space design challenges tiny house owner-builders face are bathrooms. A typical small residential bathroom will measure 5′ x 9′, or 45 square feet. That’s too much space to use when the house is just 120 square foot tiny house.

In a tiny house you’ll find normal flush toilets, RV toilets, commercial composting toilets, incinerating toilets, and lots of Lovable Loos (sawdust toilets). Sometimes the shower shares the same space with the toilet – a wet bath – other times it’s curtained-off. Sinks seem to be optional when folks are comfortable using the kitchen sink – but others prefer a tiny dedicated sink in the bathroom.

If you’d like to play with your own bathroom layout ideas give our free Print & Cut Worksheet a try. Just print it out and cut out the shapes.

See more tiny house bathroom designs on Pinterest. Read more about toilet options.

Portland Remodel

Bathroom above from a Portland remodel – a wet bath in a 3′ x 3′ space.

tall mans tiny house bathroom

Above is a lovable loo (sawdust toilet) tucked into a closet in the Tall Man’s Tiny House.

tub shower

Shower in the Tiny Tack House.


Toilet in the Moschata Rolling Bungalow. See more tiny house bathroom designs on Pinterest.


  1. J

    In the last picture, how does one turn the water on/off on that toilet top sink?

  2. I dont think you do. It runs when the tank is filling so no water is wasted – you’re just using it as it fills the tank.

  3. J

    Ah, so good if you only wash your hands after using the toilet, bad if want to wash your face or brush your teeth without flushing.

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